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Use for questions relating to the economic measure of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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Which country has the highest share of GDP that's attributed to housing? [closed] Why it matters: At its peak, China's residential property sector was thought to contribute an estimated 25%-30% of the country's ...
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Is there a country that doesn't use imputation, especially for rent, when calculating GDP?

Imputations approximate the price and quantity that would be obtained for a good or service if it was traded in the market place. The largest imputation in the GDP accounts is that made to approximate ...
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Did Saudi Arabia cut in half its oil & gas share of GDP from 2020 to 2022?

I'm seeing vastly different numbers reported for Saudi Arabia's oil & gas share in GDP. One Saudi scholar gives Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owns 17% proven reserves of the world and constitutes 50% ...
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How did the UK race ahead of France in GDP

Source of data In 2019, GDP of the UK was 2,743.586 Billion USD, while that of France was 2,707.074 B. That is just a difference of 1.33 percent. Some might even dismiss it as noise. In 2022 however,...
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Have any countries managed to consistently reduce government expenses as a share of GDP?

In the US, government spending as a share of GDP has been consistently increasing for decades. Have any countries managed to invert that trend and consistently reduce the share of government expenses ...
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GDP per capita of areas formerly belonging to East Germany vs those of northern England

The BBC wrote (at beginning of Feb) regarding UK's "levelling up" plan: The problem that the government seeks to solve with its "levelling up" agenda is clear - the fact that the ...
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Why did the Russian Federation never stress economic growth as China did?

China stressed economic development and GDP growth in the 1970s when Deng Xiao Ping proposed the economic reform in 1978. China never stopped after that. Regarding the USSR, Gorbachev tried to bring ...
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Why doesn't democracy show its strengths in large developing countries like BRICS?

I compared the democracy indexes of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) plus Turkey (although UN would classify Russian and Turkey into developed countries, in my opinion, they are ...
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Which countries have the same international importance, influence and power as Sweden? [closed]

Sweden is not a superpower at all and it's not a country with a high level of influence (such as Russia or China). However, it has a relatively large GDP for its population and it's known that Sweden ...
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Trading on WTO Rules

Many Countries are a member of some Regional Trading Organization, which facilitates trade within a particular continent, or have bilateral trade deals with other Countries. Are there any examples of ...
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Does anyone gather data on countries by *median* GDP/capita?

Lists of countries by GDP/capita suffer the problem of giving the mean value (i.e. the classical average, total GDP/population). This can lead to countries that have a few fantastically wealthy people ...
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