Questions tagged [gender-neutrality]

Questions about the politics of, or government actions based on, "the idea that policies, language, and other social institutions (social structures or gender roles) should avoid distinguishing roles according to people's sex or gender."

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What is the purpose of listing sex on an identification card?

I've heard that some jurisdictions are planning on eliminating, if not allowing citizens to revise, the sex field on documents like passports and drivers licenses. I'm just wondering why it's listed ...
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Does any government except Canada advocate gender neutral language?

There are points for and against gender-neutral language (the simplest example in English is singular "they"). The Canadian government advocates its usage. Have any other government ...
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Is there a tendency, in the United States, to ask for altering machine translation algorithms to use gender-neutral language and gender pronouns?

Note: this somewhat related to my previous question This article deals with what seems to be gender bias in machine translation: "Our results show that male defaults are not only prominent but ...
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Are countries other than the US concerned about pronouns and how they relate to gender?

As an example of the level of discourse this issue has received in the U.S., in July 2019, NBC reported that three Democratic 2020 presidential candidates had added their pronouns to their twitter ...
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Is there a push, in the United States, to use gender-neutral language and gender pronouns (when they are given)?

I have just read a tiny fraction of a huge amount of content generated by the apparent abusive dismissal of an important moderator from the Stack Exchange network. An answer that tries to explain one ...
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How are women integrated into the North Korean military?

Background Korean People's Army soldiers (per Wikipedia) About 25% of North Korea's population is in either an active duty role or a reserve/paramilitary role in the Korean People's Army, and North ...
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