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Questions related to the 1949 Geneva Convention and the three Geneva Protocols that acted as amendments relating to the protection of victims of (non-)international armed conflicts, and the addition of the Red Crystal protective sign.

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4 answers

Are power plants legitimate military targets under international law?

I've seen clips and articles stating that recent Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants amount to "War Crimes". This seems right to me but I couldn't find any resource explicitly ...
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Can a jet fighter "wave a white flag"?

If a group of soldiers is outpowered in combat, they can wave a white flag to signal that they surrender, and by this attempt to save their lives. It is an agreed symbol that, as far as I know, is ...
19 votes
1 answer

According to the Geneva Convention, what must a nation do to Prisoners of War if it doesn't have enough food for them?

During wars food is often in short supply, for both civilians and military members. What does the Geneva Convention suggest countries should do if there aren't enough food supplies for Prisoners of ...
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Does the Geneva Convention with respect to prisoners of war apply to mercenaries?

There are people of different nationalities fighting as part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the current ongoing conflict. If they are captured, would the Geneva Convention's principles on giving ...
18 votes
5 answers

Why have no US government officials been charged under the Geneva convention?

US and NATO have been big advocates for human rights and international law around the globe. I'm only focusing on Iraq and current military missions in the Middle East and violations of the Geneva ...
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Would a tit-for-tat retaliation against Russian civilian infrastructure be a violation of the Geneva convention?

Ukraine is currently suffering from a series of Russian attacks against civilian infrastructure, which might soon result in the entire country not having access to electricity. Does the Geneva ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Does Geneva Convention apply to countries which aren't signatories?

In a hypothetical situation, if a country which is a signatory to a Geneva Convention is fighting a war against a country which is NOT a signatory, is the former country obligated to abide by Geneva ...
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9 votes
2 answers

According to the Geneva Conventions, when can a Prisoner Of War give an interview on camera?

There's been some debate online about footage of POWs talking to the camera to say more than name, rank, and serial number, but has there been any serious academic writing on the limits of the "...
7 votes
1 answer

What are the safeguards, set by the US military, to reduce the risk of committing war crimes?

I am talking here about war crimes committed by individuals or units (i.e., not representing a deliberate government/military policy), such as, e.g., the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam war. One ...
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Are prisoners of war paid by their captors today?

The Third Geneva Convention calls for all POWs to receive a monthly allowance from their captors, separate from anything they may be paid for working while imprisoned, “to enable prisoners to improve ...
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1 answer

Does Russia need to treat the captured Ukranian sailors as POWs?

Some of the Ukranian sailors that were captured/arrested on their way to the Sea of Azov in November 2018 have been shown on Russian state TV with recorded statements. Ukraine demands that they are ...
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Do the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk consider themselves bound by the Geneva Conventions?

Have the authorities of the Russia-recognized republics of Donetsk and Luhansk commented on whether they consider themselves bound by the Geneva Conventions? They didn't sign any of those. Do they (...
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0 answers

Is the Red Cross involved yet in checking up on prisoners of war in Ukraine?

Is the Red Cross involved yet in checking up on prisoners of war in Ukraine? I don't see it mentioned here or here.
4 votes
3 answers

Prisoner of war exchange against their will

In some conflicts exchanges of prisoners of war happen during the conflict, and this acts as an additional incentive for taking prisoners instead of killing enemy troops. However, in certain cases ...
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Pakistan's obligation to return captured pilot, where in the Geneva Convention?

A couple of days ago an Indian pilot flying a MiG-21 was shot down by the Pakistani military. The pilot was captured and detained. Very recently the pilot has been returned to the Indian military. I'...
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How can U.N. or other international bodies stop a naval/land based blockade which might cause humanitarian crisis?

If you look at map of Yemen then you can easily find out that it's surrounded by Oman and Saudi Arabia. As Saudi Arabia led coalition is causing a naval and land based blockade to Yemen - which has to ...
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