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For questions about George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America.

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Does this clip represented an official admission of guilt by Bush?

When speaking at his presidential library, Bush accidentally said "Iraq" instead of Ukraine when he is condemning the illegal Russian invasion, as seen here. He also followed up his mistake ...
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Do "neocons" and "neoliberals" have the same foreign policy views?

I've heard that Bush can be described as a "neocon" and Clinton as a "neolib." Given that the neocons originally came from the political left neoliberals are more concerned with ...
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What was George W. Bush's plan about nation-building in Afghanistan?

Very recently Joe Biden said that The USA did not go to Afghanistan for nation-building As far as I recall, George W. Bush said something about nation-building when he was in office for his 1st term ...
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Why did Bush enact a completely different foreign policy to that which he espoused during the 2000 Presidential election campaign?

I was watching a campaign video from 2000, in it Bush clearly thinks the USA's position as the 'world police' or that their foreign intervention strategy, especially ones that instill virtues on other ...
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What percentage of Obama and Bush's speeches were aired?

Recently, the major over-the-air (OTA) broadcast networks aired a speech by Donald Trump on immigration. Many news organizations and commentators contrasted this to a previous decision, in 2014, to ...
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What was George W. Bush's explanation at the time, for unilaterally withdrawing from the ABM treaty?

The Wikipedia page on the ABMT says Supporters of the withdrawal argued that it was a necessity in order to test and build a limited National Missile Defense to protect the United States from ...
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What share of Donald Trump's voters in 2016 voted for George Bush in 2004?

Donald J. Trump (DJT) received roughly 63 million votes in 2016. Geroge W. Bush (GWB) received 62 million votes in 2004. At the same time the US Population has grown from 293 to 322 million people (...
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What did my teacher mean when he said this about Bush? [closed]

Now, recently I've been thinking about something a very political history teacher of mine said a few years ago. Something about former POTUS Bush that I never quite understood. I don't remember what ...
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What was the Bush administration's public explanation on Iraq invasion when they failed to find Iraq's WMDs? [duplicate]

What was the Bush administration's or Republican party's explanation on the justification of Iraq invasion to the public when they failed to find Iraq's WMDs?
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Did George W. Bush ever backpedal when he referred to the war on terror as a "Crusade"? [closed]

When Bush said out and out about waging "Crusade" on (Mainstream Muslim/Sunni) "terrorists" in his 2001's statement, did he ever backpedal, apologize or say that this was a "slip of tongue"? If we ...
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