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Questions relating to the government or politics of Georgia, a state of the United States. For the country, please use [republic-of-georgia].

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Do US Senate election run-offs run ad infinitum?

Watching the events unfold from across the pond (I am a UK citizen) I am keen to learn the systems in place with the elections in the US. I have seen that just like in the 2020 general election (Why ...
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Can I Vote Via Absentee Ballot in the 2022 Georgia Run-Off Election?

The senate race between Raphael Warnock and Hershel Walker is projected to go to a run-off election, to be held sometime in December. I did not vote in yesterday's election. I am eligible to vote in ...
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Georgia absentee request data 2022 general election?

Absentee ballot requests began in Georgia on August 22. Is there currently publicly available data on how many Georgia voters requested absentee ballots and if so can it be broken down by county?
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Georgia Secretary of State's power to enforce the 14th amendment of the US constitution re. deny Marjorie Taylor Green's right to run for re-election?

In CNN's Attorney grills Marjorie Taylor Greene about her false stolen election remarks at about 03:35 reporter Amara Walker says: Now the judge is expected to make a decision early next month on ...
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Is there evidence that Georgia's law banning third party delivery of snacks and water would likely hurt Democrats in the state?

A few weeks ago, Georgia signed a law that, among other things: Does not allow offering food or water to voters. It makes it a CRIME to do that. Cuts the runoff period from 9 to 4 weeks. Bans no ...
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What is the rationale behind making it illegal to hand out water to voters in line in Georgia?

From S.B. 202 (emphasis added): No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, ...
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Why was Warnock's election called while Ossoff's wasn't? Aren't they both on the same ballot?

Does this mean that a voter voted for Warnock but not Ossoff? I am confused since I would think they appeared on the same ballot and the tallies for candidates would be made at the same time the ...
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If elected, when would Ossoff and Warnock take office?

The Georgia runoffs are scheduled for January 5th 2021 with early voting happening as I write this. But it's never been discussed when those senators could take office if they get elected. So, when do ...
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What would a "signature audit" accomplish in the Georgia election?

POTUS and the Governor Kemp of Georgia have both requested a "signature audit" of the absentee ballot envelopes used in the Nov 3 Presidential election. Link What would such an audit ...
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Have Georgia election officials offered an explanation for the alleged "smoking gun" at the State Farm Arena? [closed]

Now hitting Fox News, yesterday's Georgia Senate committe(s) hearings are apparently providing new ammunition to governor Kemp to request another signature audit: Gov. Brian Kemp, the Georgia ...
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What could Trump hope to gain from a *second* Georgia "recount"?

Trump campaign asks for another Georgia recount I understand that Georgia law required an audit, and that it although they counted all votes again it was not a recount. Given that Campaign-requested ...
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Who will be Georgia's senators from January 3rd 2021 until the results of the January 5th runoff elections are known?

The 20th amendment to the constitution of the USA states The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at ...
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What is the reason for the date of the Georgia runoff elections for the US Senate?

On Election Day 2020, both US Senate seats for Georgia were up for election. However, no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, and so both races go to a second round. This runoff election will ...
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Why are there run-off elections in Georgia this year?

I was surprised to hear that run-off elections were to take place in Georgia. Presumably this is part of a system of "proportional representation", whereby in circumstances where there are ...
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Smallest MOV in Georgia history for president?

The election for president is very close in Georgia. What was the smallest margin of victory in both percentage points and raw votes for a presidential election in the US state of Georgia?
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10 votes
3 answers

Why is Georgia turning blue rapidly?

Georgia seems red from the beginning of the 21st century. In this time voted presidents from republican party. Both the senators are from republican party. Even in the last election when there was ...
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Why does Georgia not have a hate crime statute?

Context Reading Man who threw boiling water on gay couple will spend 40 years in prison: The jury deliberated for about 90 minutes Wednesday before finding Martin Blackwell guilty of eight counts of ...
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