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Questions tagged [germany]

Questions about Federal Republic of Germany politics and policy.

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Are UK, the Netherlands and Germany considering pension fund reformation after stress tests of pension funds results?

According to this article, pension funds in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany face an “existential threat” because of their precarious financial positions: Sven Giegold, a member of the European ...
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Has Olaf Scholz made any comments about the proposed Covid-19 vaccines TRIPS waiver?

There have been calls for him to personally take a stance on the matter of the proposed TRIPS waiver for Covid-19 vaccines patents. The calls were in fact addressed to a few other potential future ...
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How can we apply the Bundestag election model to European elections? (model building)

I have looked into electoral systems and am trying to build a model of what the 2019 EU election would have looked like if it had used the Bundestag election system. Disclaimer: I am fully aware ...
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Is there a poll in Germany on perceptions whether the antisemitism label is correctly used in the German political discourse?

I stumbled upon this US poll (conducted by U. of Maryland & Ipsos in June 2023) containing some questions on the public perceptions of the correct use of the antisemitism label, but also having ...
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How did consumer gas prices change in Latvia relative to Germany, following the substantial reduction of Russian imports in Latvia 2015-2021?

The 3 Baltic countries have announced that they apparently import zero Russian gas now. More interestingly, this was a gradual reduction, e.g. In 2015, nearly 100 per cent of Lithuania's gas supplies ...
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Were there any intra-EU concerns expressed that Germany was practicing dumping prices on aluminium sheets?

Reuters reports on the new anti-dumping duties imposed by the Biden administration on aluminium sheets (worldwide): The U.S. Commerce Department on Tuesday issued final anti-dumping duties on common ...
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Is the ascendancy of extremists in the AfD driven more by their growing share of East German (than West German) party membership?

Background The BfV classified around 36% of AfD members as right-wing extremist for the year 2022. With no dedicated critics of the AfD's extremist faction (aligned with Björn Höcke, formerly called ...
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