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Why do Right Wing populists despise the Globalism aspect of Neoliberalism but endorse its domestic economic policies?

the rise of the Alt-Right can be best understood as a reaction against the technocracy of Neoliberalism that promotes cross border trade, market fundamentalism, austerity, global institutions etc. So ...
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What are the metrics of globalisation?

This article from the World Economic Forum looks at various stages proceeding globalisation and uses one metric of exports as % of global GDP to determine how 'globalised' the world is. I was ...
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What if any are the impacts of negative interest rates on the life of an average citizen in a first world country? This is of course both a political and a financial question. But I am really ...
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What are the most influental groups advocating for a global government?

Are there political groups (grassroots or organized) that advocate for a global government, and if so, which are the most influental by number of members and/or in financial terms?
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Cases of nationalists wanting to cede sovereignty to supranational organisations

In the UK there are two explicitly nationalist political parties, Plaid Cymru and the SNP, that curiously advocate handing sovereignty to the EU. Are there nationalist parties anywhere else in the ...
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Why did the World Bank set the global poverty line at $1.90?

In early 2019 Bill Gates tweeted an infographic during the 45 meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos that showed that the proportion of people living in poverty had decreased from 94% in 1820 to ...
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What is the difference between globalisation and imperialism?

It seems obvious to start by looking at the first few lines on Wikipedia: Wikipedia on globalisation Globalization or globalisation is the process of interaction and integration among people, ...
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Trump's pre-election claims. How many are in progress? [closed]

Trump's pre-election company was bright. There were big pre-election claims: breaking disadvantageous deals wall on Mexican border removing 'Obamacare' moving embassy to Jerusalem new workplaces for ...
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What effect will Euro purchases of Iranian crude by Europe have on US foreign policy?

According to articles like this there seems to be a move towards Europe saving billion dollar deals with Iran by switching to Euro for crude purchases. Apparently to avoid dollar sanctions on Iran ...
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Why is globalisation so disdained?

From what I can tell via the definition of the word on Google, globalisation seems like a fairly reasonable course of action. Trade makes everyone better off in the long run, and it isn't as if we ...
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