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For questions related to the Good Friday agreement or Belfast Agreement.

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Could UK SMEs set up centers in Northern Ireland to maintain full access to both the EU and the rest of the UK?

Under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Future Relationship, Northern Ireland is in a very advantageous position where it has full access to the EU for goods, and can also send goods to (but not ...
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Good Friday Agreement and WTO rules

WTO 'equal treatment' rules were not mentioned anywhere in the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) when it was first formulated in the late 1990s. But do Global Trade rules implicitly and automatically ...
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If a referendum on Northern Ireland joining the Republic of Ireland is narrowly defeated, what is the trigger for another referendum?

From Wikipedia's Good Friday Agreement article: The agreement reached was that Northern Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, and would remain so until a majority of the people both of Northern ...
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Is a no-deal Brexit illegal, and therefore invalid?

From what I understand, article 50 of the Lisbon treaty requires any state leaving to do so according to their domestic law. It seems to be well understood that any form of hard border in Ireland is ...
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Does a hard border in Ireland necessarily breach the Good Friday Agreement? [duplicate]

I don't believe this has been asked before: I looked at here, and here. These are different questions. The answer is clearly yes as far as the EU’s jurists are concerned. But could they be wrong? ...
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What do hard-Brexiteers want with respect to the Irish border?

Hard-Brexiteers would like the UK to have a "clean break" with the EU, and in particular they don't want any part of the UK to stay even temporarily in the customs union (the so-called backstop). ...
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Why does Brexit threaten the Good Friday Agreement from 1998?

Since the British referendum to leave the EU I often hear that Brexit threatens the Good Friday Agreement. As far as I know the Good Friday Agreement pretty much ended violent conflict in Northern ...
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What reasons did the DUP have to oppose the Good Friday Agreement and do those reasons still apply?

According to a recent BBC History article the DUP was opposed to the Good Friday Agreement, quoting that article: In Northern Ireland, campaigning was fierce as DUP leader Ian Paisley urged a 'No' ...
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Would a DUP-Conservative alliance breach the Good Friday Agreement?

In Sinn Fein accuses Theresa May of not honouring Good Friday agreement - as it happened: The president of Sinn Fein claims that Theresa May is not honouring the Good Friday Agreement: We told ...