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For questions related to the Good Friday agreement or Belfast Agreement.

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What do hard-Brexiteers want with respect to the Irish border?

Hard-Brexiteers would like the UK to have a "clean break" with the EU, and in particular they don't want any part of the UK to stay even temporarily in the customs union (the so-called backstop). ...
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Why does Brexit threaten the Good Friday Agreement from 1998?

Since the British referendum to leave the EU I often hear that Brexit threatens the Good Friday Agreement. As far as I know the Good Friday Agreement pretty much ended violent conflict in Northern ...
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What reasons did the DUP have to oppose the Good Friday Agreement and do those reasons still apply?

According to a recent BBC History article the DUP was opposed to the Good Friday Agreement, quoting that article: In Northern Ireland, campaigning was fierce as DUP leader Ian Paisley urged a 'No' ...
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