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A scenario where government funding ends without a new budget in place to continue funding. Typically this ends all non-essential government services. This tool is used to try and force other parties to negotiate on other issues, sometimes unrelated to the budget. Use with any relevant country and party tags.

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Why would the Senate Majority Leader vote against their own cloture motion to stop a filibuster?

The record shows that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voted against cloture for a continuing resolution which would have kept the government open. Despite this, he said that by not supporting ...
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How does a shutdown end if an agreement is never reached?

The US government is shut down, due to disagreements between President and Congress on border security funding. Both sides are in an apparent stalemate. So my question is simply, what happens if ...
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Equivalent to government shutdown in parliamentary systems

Given the recent government shutdown in the US, there have been a lot of related questions here wondering about the possibility of it happening in the UK, Australia, and so on. In general, the ...
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Did Schumer offer Trump a deal that included the wall?

The United States is currently in a government shutdown, because Democrats won't vote for an appropriations bill without a deal on DACA, and President Trump won't agree to a deal on DACA without ...
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Would the reduction in spending due to an indefinite government shutdown eliminate the deficit?

During the government shutdown, essential services/employees are exempt, and the government continues to pay for those services/employees. Some people might be hoping that the government shutdown ...
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How does a government shutdown happen?

So, It seemed as though an act or lack there of from congress caused this "Government Shutdown" to happen. My question is: What specifically has to happen for a government shutdown to happen? ...
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35 votes
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Why does a US government shutdown have a specific beginning time?

From coverage about government shutdowns, I have gathered that these always begin a specific date/time "when the government runs out of money". But, if it were just running out, surely the beginning ...
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What percentage of federal U.S. government employees are considered non-essential during a governmnent shutdown?

There have been two U.S. government shutdowns in recent history, Nov 1995 and Dec 1995. Looming government shutdowns seem to be a bit of a joke as read here, or on NPR Still, with so many federal ...
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Will NORAD Santa tracker be affected by the government shutdown?

If the government shutdown that started about 12 hours ago (at the moment of writing the question) will continue (and probably will) later than 24 december, than what will happen with NORAD Santa ...
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Why is the Speaker of the House able to stop a vote on a clean spending bill?

The President claims that the House Speaker, John Boehner, is refusing to allow a vote on a so-called "clean spending bill" which many believe actually has the votes to pass (see for example http://...
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Can't congress override Trump's assumed veto of the temporary spending bill?

The senate unanimously passed a spending bill a few days ago to keep the government funded until mid-February. Trump stated that he will veto it because it doesn't include funding for a wall. There is ...
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2 answers

Will government workers furloughed during the shutdown be paid later?

When the government of the United States of America reopens, will furloughed government workers be paid for the missed time?
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5 votes
1 answer

What is the next portion of the US government that will be shutdown?

Currently, it appears that around 25% of the US government is shutdown. To the best of my understanding, this is because different departments funding expires at different times. What does the ...
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How much has government spending increased/decreased in relation to the median households income since 2000? [closed]

In a Washington Examiner article, a member of the Senate Budget Committee was asked for a monetary estimate of what percentage of the government is shut down after exempting the military: a ...
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In the news, it says "essential" government employees would be required to work without pay. How?

In the news, the reporters have been talking about "essential" (real quotes, not scare quotes) government employees being required to work without pay by these two statements (paraphrased). All ...
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Why do we pay taxes during a government shutdown?

While a government is shutdown there are a lot of services that are not available (including the IRS). Why do we still pay taxes during the government shutdown? Shouldn't we get a refund or a part of ...
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3 answers

Are the President of the United States and members of Congress considered essential to the federal government?

During the U.S. government shutdown, "essential personnel" are required to work, but everyone else has been furloughed. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) defines who is and who is not "...
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Does the United States have a built-in mechanism to resolve loss of supply? And if not, why not?

In countries that have inherited the Westminster system, loss of supply typically results in government being required to either reform as the majority that blocked supply; or dissolve parliament so ...
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What happens if a government shutdown lasts long enough for the current appropriations for essential services to run out?

Based on a comment by mcalex on How does a shutdown end if an agreement is never reached?: Only non-essential services are shut down atm. None of the answers seem to talk about what happens once ...
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Legislation or Constitutional Amendment needed to prevent Government Shutdowns in the US?

If we wanted to create a rule for the government budget that said that would prevent government from NOT leaving the government funded, would it require a constitutional amendment or could/should this ...
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How does the British Parliamentary system handle a situation like the US budget crisis?

I assume most people are aware of the recent US budget crisis where a disagreement between House and Senate caused non-essential parts of the US government to be shut down. There is a question here ...
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Is the NBIB affected by the 2018-2019 government shutdown?

Background The National Background Investigation Bureau (NBIB) is a government agency within the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and is important for people in the United States ...
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Is the House responsible for deciding what to fund in the government and is this usually done with "mini-CRs"?

The House has passed multiple continuing resolutions to attempt to end/avoid a 17% partial government shutdown. House Republicans on Wednesday night succeeded in passing three measures to reopen ...
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