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Questions tagged [grassroots]

Questions relating to movements and the people in those movements which are based around bottom-up decision making.

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Are there prior examples when a US president was strongly at odds with the grassroots of his party over a foreign policy issue?

Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Nov 15: More than two-thirds of Americans support a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll whose results were released on ...
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Why aren't there any right wing versions of GetUp in Australia?

GetUp is a "grass roots" campaigning organisation that focuses on campaigns around "Social Justice", "Economic Fairness", "Ënvironmental Sustainability" which are topics usually associated with the ...
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Did Reddit provide the initial critical mass for Bernie Sanders's grassroots movement for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination?

I know that this election's surprise - Bernie Sanders - owes his success to a grassroots movement organized via social media. The reasons for that are many. There is widespread resentment towards the ...
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US Politics, any grass root like campaign fighting the new tax increase

I just found out from my employer that our social security tax just increase by 2%, which were never publicized as much in the media. I live in NY, a very liberal state, so it would make sense why it ...
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Has the Orange Revolution improved the fairness of Ukrainian elections according to independent observers?

In late 2004, the Orange Revolution took place in Ukraine after elections that were accompanied by widescale corruption and fraud. Initially, Yanukovych was declared the winner. The protests resulted ...
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Has the Occupy Wall Street movement had significant influence on policy?

In September 2011 and onwards, Occupy Wall Street and its many spinoffs occupied squares all over the world. The meetings shared some degree of dissatisfaction with present systems, but clear aims ...
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