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Questions tagged [green-new-deal]

For questions about the “Green New Deal” package to address climate change and economic inequality.

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What does the U.S.A. Green New Deal propose on railway electrification? [duplicate]

What role does railroad electrification have in proposal (or various proposals) for an American Green New Deal? In coverage of the American Green New Deal there has been much attention to electric ...
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Green New Deal. Does it implies realization in the US only? [closed]

You may hear about that new democratic program - Green New Deal It sounds very interesting, as it is huge, and gives bonuses for nearly all. But this program implies huge changes in the US. In some ...
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What's the difference between AOC's Green New Deal and Sanders' Green New Deal?

Both Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders have revealed a sweeping plan to inact environmental policies that would, among other things, attempt to slow the progress of ...
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Why is neither methane nor fracking mentioned in the Green New Deal?

Background The Green New Deal cites the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC in the first paragraph establishing the issues and effects of the current, and likely future, of global warming. ...
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Would the Green New Deal result in socialism? [closed]

In a recent Wall St. Journal editorial, Fred Barnes writes: a vast Green New Deal would propel America in a socialist direction Is this a believable consequence of the aspirations and goals of The ...
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Why does the Green New Deal push for green energy but not for nuclear energy?

It seems strange to me that that the new green deal wants clean and renewable power from solar and wind energy yet oppose nuclear energy. I have been googling experts’ consensus on nuclear energy and ...
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