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Questions tagged [greenland]

Questions related to the island of Greenland, an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.

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How would one country purchase another?

Recently, the Trump administration expressed interest in purchasing Greenland. How exactly would this work? I would assume voters in both countries would be on board? Who would the payment go to if ...
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What are the Siumut party's views on mining and how do they compare to other parties views?

Recently, Greenland had parliamentary elections. Different news sources contradict each other: Fox News: Opposition party keen on tapping underground resources wins ... The Star: Opposition critical ...
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What are the geopolitical reasons for the United States wanting to buy Greenland?

Apparently, the US has been interested in buying Greenland (an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark) since at least 1946 when the Truman administration attempted to buy it for $100 million ...
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Would Greenland need the permission of Denmark to make a deal with the United States if they became independent?

Greenland is an "autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark" with "home rule" granted since 1979. As part of a self-rule law passed in 2009 (section §21), Greenland can declare independence at any ...
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Why is Denmark willing to allow Greenland to become independent, but not willing to sell it to the US?

From what I understand, Greenland has been slowly moving towards complete independence, with Denmark willingly granting it home rule back in 2008. So it looks as if Denmark is perfectly willing to let ...
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