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Why is Belize divided into two parts in this map?

I was reading the Wikipedia article for Quetzaltenango and the first thing I looked at was the map: As you can see Belize is at the eastern side. Its western and southern borders are showed with a ...
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Land reform in Guatemala

Recently, after attending to a conference with some Guatemalan politicians, I began to take interest in this country's socio-economical issues, in particular with regard to land. I that in the 1950s ...
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Have there been any results of the CDC investigation in the Guatemala suspension of deportations allegedly due to Covid-19-infected deportees?

In an interesting twist of news from a month ago, Guatemala had suspended receiving deportations from the US saying that the US has sent them Covid-19-infected deportees. Well, one flight - the first ...
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Is "corruption of blood" contravening the UDHR?

It's been mentioned in a recent question here that in Guatemala offspring can be disqualified from running for office for the deeds of their parents, specifically for [parental] insurrection. (As ...
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