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Questions to Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement.

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What triggered the current wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel?

Israel is currently experiencing a wave of Palestinian/Islamic terror which it had not seen "in many years" - with three shooting attacks and one stabbing attack in less than 2 weeks. (...
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Checks against corruption in Gaza, and their effectiveness

What checks to corruption (if any) are there to the Hamas regime in Gaza, and how effective are they? (Parallel question about the Palestinian Authority)
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What are the exact terms of the recent Israeli-Palestinian cease fire?

Israel and the Hamas government of Gaza (or perhaps the Hamas movement?) have recently agreed to a cease fire. But - what are the exact terms? Is there a text of that available somewhere? Specifically,...
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Why does Hamas choose violence over peaceful means?

What does Hamas realistically think it can achieve by continuing to use violence against Israel? It seems to me that if the Palestinians engaged in peaceful deliberations they would have achieved ...
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Has the Palestinian Authority issued some official statement on the situation in May 2021?

Has the Palestinian Authority (PA) issued some official statement about the current situation? In particular, Hamas et al's rocket attacks on Israel? Google didn't return anything (although it was ...
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Why has the Israel-Palestine conflict reignited in May 2021?

I have been hearing on the news that Gaza is under attack. I understand that this is a hot topic. I want to know why Gaza is being attacked now (May 2021), who is attacking, and what they want.
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Where and how does Hamas obtain the technology and raw material for rockets?

'Ayyash 250' rockets 1,000 rockets fired towards Israel It must be almost impossible to obtain raw materials for building 1000 rockets given the situation Hamas lives in. I mean, continuous ...
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What is the main disagreement between Palestinian groups?

Based on Wikipedia, there was supposed to be an election for the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2014, but it has been postponed because of disagreements between Fatah, and Hamas. What are their ...
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What direct actions could Hamas take to effectively show a leadership role in protecting Palestinian Civilians?

In a comment to my previous question: Why is there no call for Hamas to protect and reduce civilian casualties? a comment was posted: how can Hamas protect the civilians considering the prolonged ...
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Was there ANY official condemnation of Hamas over use of civilians and especially children as human shields?

There is ample proof that Hamas is using Palestinian civilians - even children - as human shields. From situating military objects in the middle of homes/in schools/hospitals etc.., to using ...
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