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Questions related to the policies around or sociopolitical examples of hate speech, defined as: speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

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Why are reports of LGBT hate crimes rising in the west?

Sources BBC, Security.Org. This rise seems to happen in US, France, and also Germany. Could an explanation be given for what the reason behind this rise is?
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Has the conflict in Ukraine provoked an increase in discrimination against ethnic Russians?

Is there increase in discrimination or intolerance towards ethnic Russians since the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine? I am particularly interested in the data on Eastern Europe (former ...
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Are there any peer reviewed studies into whether hate crime legislation decreases the frequency of hate crimes?

The title mostly says it all. I understand the motivation of hate crime legislation, and if it works I'm totally supportive of it. However, I'm curious if it works in practice. Are criminals really ...
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Why does UK allow criminal record checks to contain "non-crimes"?

According to Telegraph UK law allows in some cases for "non-crimes" to appear on one's criminal records: Incidents must be logged by police and can show up on a DBS check even if officers ...
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Can intentional foreign accent in a negative context be considered as xenophobia? [closed]

Today the Romanian president intentionally pronounced the name of its opposition party with Hungarian intonation and pronunciation. The message of his speech was that this opposition party sold ...
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Have any of Trump's tweets been filtered out in Germany (under NetzDG)?

I've read an article that in Germany users can and do report online hate-speech contents under NetzDG, a law that imposes heavy fines on companies that do not take down such contents relatively ...
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Jersey shooting and politician comments [closed]

Following the shooting at Jersey City, NJ, US. see CNN report, I've already asked why kosher grocery is somehow important, but now politicians commented on the event Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop ...
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Can special prosecutor Dan Webb charge Jussie Smollet? [closed]

In a case that made political headlines, actor Jussie Smollett was charged with making false statements to Chicago police about a supposed hate crime he had experienced. But then the Illinois State ...
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Has Twitter elaborated on continuing to allow Trump to use the platform for reportedly hateful attacks

It seems clear that Trump is using Twitter as a venue to attack some people. Trump steps up attack on 'US-hating' congresswomen US President Donald Trump has redoubled his attack on four Democratic ...
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What is the reason for extreme antisemitism among Muslims? [closed]

The current Iranian regime, and many other middle eastern Muslim regimes regularly call for the destruction of Israel and slaughter of all the Jews, from CNN: A new document by Iran's supreme ...
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Is there a ranking of countries' freedom of speech for non-journalists?

I know Reporters Without Borders compiles a Press Freedom Index, but this is not the same thing as freedom of speech for non-journalists. Is there another ranking that specifically addresses the ...
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What rationales were given for prohibiting Holocaust denial?

For jurisdictions that have explicitly prohibited Holocaust denial, or denial of atrocities committed by Nazi Germany, or genocide in general, what rationale or rationales have been provided for it? (...
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Why does the Romanian prime minister's death threat against a national minority elicit so little reaction in the EU?

The European Union is renowned that it takes human rights seriously, and it condemns racism and hate speech. However, when the Romanian prime minister recently threatened the Hungarian minority in ...
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What happened in California in 1994 when hate crime increased so much?

I'm playing with the dataset provided by FBI Crime Data Explorer. And I found a significant increase in hate crime incidents. I'm not familiar with U.S. politics and policy. Does anyone have any clue ...
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Has any organization ever made it off the SPLC list?

The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps a well-publicized list of organizations that promote hateful agendas. Without debating the merits of the list -- which would be outside the scope of the ...
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How does Russia define religious extremism?

Currently, Jehovah's Witnesses are banned from meeting or preaching in Russia due to accusations of religious extremism. Jehovah's Witnesses are known for being pacifists (they refuse military service,...
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Can Germany fine social media sites over hate speech?

This article tells us about Germany's plan to fine social media sites over hate speech: Germany plans a new law calling for social networks like Facebook (FB.O) to remove slanderous or ...
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