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Questions related to the sociopolitical fundamentals of healthcare (i.e. access to healthcare in a given country) regarding the policies regulated and/or supplied by governments.

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Why does France public health system seem to have so many problems despite its rather big financing?

According to this article, France public health system problems became so big that French President Emmanuel Macron addressed to France’s health workers about them: French President Emmanuel Macron ...
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Is there any credible attempt to analyze how cost savings from standardizing healthcare could compensate for extending it to universal system?

A big democratic talking point lately have been switching to a more universal health care system, which republicans obviously are opposed to due to the increased cost. However, It's well known that ...
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What is the status of the infringement procedure against Romania due to high pollution in Bucharest?

Background Virtually any Bucharest inhabitant can smell that something has burned during the night. This is confirmed by the air quality monitoring platforms such as Airly: Air pollution in Bucharest ...
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What are the (key) limits of coverage of Medicare for All?

I don't live in the US, but rather in a country where there's a state mandated, single-(state)-payer universal health insurance - with additional layers of coverage for additional insurance fee ...
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Medicaid long-term care applications statistics

I am looking for statistics on applications for Medicaid long-term care coverage in the United States; ideally broken down by state, but I will take what I can get. I would like to know how many ...
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How does healthcare tie to residency and work in rural China?

I know China has "universal healthcare", but I do not understand how Chinese healthcare works. I am told that healthcare in China is regional, and based on residency with the only way out of ...
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Is there a (detailed) comparison of what the White House requested and what Congress approved for the HHS for FY2020?

To give you an idea what I'm looking for, I found such a comparison for science: I'm looking for a similar graph/comparison for the HHS, which includes the NIH, FDA, CDC, SAMHSA, Medicare & ...
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What is the role of private healthcare insurance industry in Medicaid?

In light of the concept of abolishing the private healthcare insurance industry advocated by some 2020 presidential candidates, one would expect that to impact the administration of Medicaid. As I "...
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