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Questions tagged [hezbollah]

Hezbollah also transliterated Hizbullah, Hizballah, etc.—is a Shi'a political party and military group based in Lebanon.

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In what cases are counter-terrorist operations justified?

Many inhabitants of northern Israel have been evacuated since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, due to the incessant attacks by Lebanese Hezbollah. The Hezbollah leader himself has taken pride in ...
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Were any humanitarian organisations involved in trying to recover the Israeli pilot, Ron Arad

Arad, an Air Force officer was missing in action since 1986. According to this Wikipedia page there were numerous efforts by the Israeli government to negotiate his release, or information about him, ...
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What happens if Hezbollah targets the USS aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean? [closed]

The USS Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford has arrived in the Mediterranean in a clear message to Hezbollah or any other party looking to escalate the conflict or widen the war between Israel and Gaza ...
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Hezbollah in South America

Are Hezbollah active in South America? If so what is the connection? Why and what are they doing so far away from their host country? Only yesterday U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo spoke about the ...
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Is Hezbollah officially supported by Iran?

Does Iran officially support Hezbollah? I have found many pro-Western websites which say that they do, but I can't find any official statements. So, does Iran officially support Hezbollah? If they ...
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3 answers

Why do the Europeans and US consider Hezbollah Terrorists?

Some years ago and after the start of the Syrian war, Europe considered Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, while during the Syrian war this organization defeated terrorists such as daesh and ...
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2 answers

Did Hezbollah ever have a flag with a nuclear mushroom cloud on it?

In this video Salman Rushdie claims Hezbollah and Hamas was using mushroom clouds as their flag (1:31). Christopher Hitchens claims the Hezbollah's party symbol and flag was a mushroom cloud in Beirut ...
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