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Is the NIH solely federal or public-private?

Many say the US drug industry came from the Federal, not the private sector. The US invests absurdly in basic health research. There they have the National Institutes of Health, the largest health ...
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On what basis was the 2011 HHS override of and FDA decision overruled by a federal judge?

A Politico article on the FDA and its questionable legal independence (from the executive) mentions that: in 2011, the diminished autonomy of the FDA was made visibly apparent by a clash within the ...
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COVID-19 Vaccine: State Distribution plans versus Federal Distribution Plans

HHS 10/16/2020 To meet the Trump Administration's Operation Warp Speed (OWS) goals, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Defense today announced agreements with ...
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Is there a (detailed) comparison of what the White House requested and what Congress approved for the HHS for FY2020?

To give you an idea what I'm looking for, I found such a comparison for science: I'm looking for a similar graph/comparison for the HHS, which includes the NIH, FDA, CDC, SAMHSA, Medicare & ...
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