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Questions tagged [historiography]

Questions related to the study of the writing and development of history.

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41 votes
7 answers

Why is Japan more revisionist about its World War II era actions than Germany?

Germany and Japan both committed horrific crimes against humanity in the lead up to, and during World War II. Both countries are now more or less democracies. Yet the two countries seem to have dealt ...
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1 answer

Do scholars still use Mussolini's taxonomy of the history of capitalism?

Benito Mussolini divided the history of capitalism from 1830 to at least 1933 into "heroic capitalism" (1830-1870), "static capitalism" (1870-1914) and "supercapitalism" (1914-?). Are this division, ...
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Is there anything that prevents popular opinion from becoming fact as it's written in history? [closed]

I've seen over the last few years, members of congress and others, using news articles as sources of factual information in official testimonies. Additionally, news organizations regularly repeat ...
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