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5 votes
7 answers

Why does Israel not agree to a permanent ceasefire with Hamas in order to return hostages with the intention of breaking the ceasefire later?

Background (long version of the question) Since the release of 105 hostages in December in exchange for a weeklong ceasefire, Israel and Hamas have not been able to reach a new deal that would enable ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How many hostages has Israel freed through direct military operations (rather than negotiations) after Oct. 7?

I haven't followed the war that closely in the past couple of months. I understand Israel now controls, or at least completely surrounded most cities in Gaza, except Rafah, and they are preparing to ...
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2 answers

IDF soldiers killed the third hostage. Does the Israeli government have any specific explanation or solution for this? [closed]

The IDF encountered three Israeli hostages calling for help near the square.They spotted the IDF troops and walked out of the building shirtless, waving white flags and identifying themselves in ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Does Hamas have any leverage against Israel (other than the hostages)?

According to Politico: But while Israel and the U.S. want to secure the release of as many hostages as possible, Hamas also could have reasons to hold onto as much leverage as it can afford. Some ...
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Were any humanitarian organisations involved in trying to recover the Israeli pilot, Ron Arad

Arad, an Air Force officer was missing in action since 1986. According to this Wikipedia page there were numerous efforts by the Israeli government to negotiate his release, or information about him, ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Is mutilation, sexual assault and kidnappings of minors a part of Hamas' ideology or do they oppose it? [closed]

According to this recent CNN video Hamas terrorists engaged in sexual assault and mutilation of their victims, among them 13-14 year old girls. Among the 240 people kidnapped, there are at least 33 ...
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