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Questions tagged [iceland]

Questions related to the government or politics of the Nordic island country of Iceland.

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Did Iceland suffer any backlash from Russia when it recognized the regained independence of the three Baltic Republics?

At the initiative of Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Iceland was the first country to recognize the regained independence of the three Baltic Republics, Estonia, Latvia and ...
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Iceland is going on strike because of the gender wage gap. What's their current wage gap when adjusting for hours worked and other variables?

As per CNN: The strike, which is known as the “Women’s Day Off” or “Kvennafrí” in Icelandic, hopes to raise awareness about the “systemic” wage discrimination and gender-based violence faced by women ...
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Did any Prime Ministers go on strike before? Women across Iceland – including the prime minister – will go on strike Tuesday as part of a campaign pushing for ...
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How is Katrin Jakobsdottir (Prime Minister of Iceland) able to remain in office despite winning third-most seats in last election?

Link: It seems highly unusual that Katrin Jakobsdottir (Prime Minister of Iceland) is able to emerge ...
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Why is this southern coastal part of Iceland incorporated in its Capital Region despite being detached from it?

This remote area of land on the southern coast of Iceland is incorporated in the Capital Region (Reykjavík and greater areas), but is geographically detached from the rest of the region. This is a ...
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Constitutionally, what would happen if the Icelandic President is convicted of a criminal offense?

Under the Icelandic constitution, the President enjoys immunity from criminal prosecutions as long as the Parliament permits it. Constitution of Iceland, Article 11, Paragraph 2 The President may not ...
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(Why) did the EEA countries accept a guillotine clauses at a later date than the original Agreement?

Wikipedia says (alas without citing a clear source) that EU also has guillotine clauses in the EEA agreements with Norway (2001), Iceland (2001), and Liechtenstein (2008), which must directly accept ...
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In parliamentary republics, why can't the parliamentary election and the presidential election happen on the same day?

You would think that it is more efficient for both the parliamentary election and presidential election to happen at the same time so voters don't become fatigued with politics. I'm curious if there ...
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Are there any pro-EU parties left in the Icelandic parliament?

The pro-EU Bright Future party failed to win any seats in the 2017 elections. Do any of the other parties with parliamentary representatives still favor Iceland joining the EU? I'm asking because ...
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What was the fate of the executives at the main Icelandic banks after the financial crisis?

A popular story (especially on the more left-leaning sites (e.g. "Iceland has jailed 26 bankers, why won't we?", "Iceland Has Jailed 29 Bankers. Why Can’t the UK and US Do the Same?", or "Iceland has ...
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Do any countries other than Iceland ban male circumcision?

In the coverage of Iceland’s proposed ban of male circumcision of minors, I’ve come across comments saying that it’d be the first European country to do so, suggesting that non-European countries do ...
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How was this person considered for a pardon in Iceland?

Iceland's government is collapsing. At the heart of this is apparently a scandal involving the Prime Minister's father, who vouched for the character of a convicted sex offender. Part of the story ...
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Why did the Icelandic Pirate Party switch from the letter Þ to the letter P?

From Wikipedia: The party was cofounded on 24 November 2012 by Birgitta Jónsdóttir (previously a member of the Movement), and several prominent Internet activists, including Smári McCarthy. The ...
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Icelandic Constitutional Assembly/Council

Are the (Icelandic) Constitutional Council and the Constitutional Assembly the same thing? I tried to understand it by reading through the official website, the Wikipedia entry and this ...
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