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Questions relating to the migration of people into country in ways that are not legally allowed by that country.

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What was Fico's party/government (stated) motivation for introducing a (seemingly unique at EU level) document for illegal migrants?

According to DW's (possibly biased-- they don't seem to like Fico) summary: Many people from the Middle East come to Slovakia in the hope of getting a universal document that will allow them to stay ...
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How much will "new-policy detention" facilities for detained families cost?

As I understand it, the newly announced policy for detention of alien families, is intended to provide a place for these families to stay while awaiting adjudication of their immigration status. What ...
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Reasons behind selective filtering of immigrants by India

The president of the ruling party (BJP) promised during election campaigning that only refugees belonging to Hindu, Sikh and Buddha will be allowed into India. The government also seems to be thinking ...
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Were most of the Salvadorans granted TPS in 1990 staying legally or illegally in the US before that?

Salvadorans are currently the largest group of TPS holders in the United States, although the Trump administration has decided to no longer extend their status, a decision that resulted in a court ...
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Any US deportation illegal immigrants statistics by presidents?

Different US presidents usually have different view on the question of adopting illegal immigrants. Some, for example D.Trump are generally opposing immigration, some, like current POTUS J.Biden, are ...
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