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Questions relating to the government or politics of Illinois, a state of the United States

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Trouble Understanding Government's Financial Databases

What does these codes mean on Illinois's financial data found in
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Illinois Presidential primaries

When voting in a primary in Illinois, there is a selection choose one of "Donald Trump, John McCain", Mit Romney" or "Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders" (these ...
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Why does Illinois have over 8000 administrative divisions? Was there any official rationale for the huge expansion of local governments?

The exact count differs by source with the most being 8923 divisions reported by the Chicago Civic Federation and 6042 divisions reported by the Illinois Department of Revenue. See https://www....
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Who voted for Arthur J. Jones the neo-Nazi Republican candidate for Illinois's 3rd congressional district?

In the Illinois 3rd district Republican primary, Arthur Jones got about 20 thousand votes, which is approximately the same the 2012 primary winner got. This number seems surprisingly high considering ...
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Does the Republican party have any means to prevent Arthur Jones from running as a Republican in the Illinois election?

Arthur Jones will almost certainly become the Republican nominee for an Illinois congressional seat. This friendly chap is the former leader of the American Nazi Party, calls the holocaust a hoax, and ...
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How much will Illinois lose if the Multi-state Lottery Association pulls out?

Illinois already has the lowest credit rating in the nation, and is going on 3 years without a budget at all, let alone the balanced budget that its state constitution requires. Now the Multi-state ...
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