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Questions tagged [independent-politicians]

For questions about politicians who are not registered with a specific political party.

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Why is support for parties so low in Belarus?

Combining the Council of the Republic and the House of Representatives, Belarus has 135 independent members out of 174 total. Why is the support for political parties so low in Belarus? What history ...
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How do independents choose a party to caucus with?

I know that several independents in the US Senate (ie. Bernie Sanders) caucus with the Democrats. Officially, what does that mean? How do independents choose whom to caucus with (both ideologically ...
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How do party-list systems accommodate independent candidates?

I'm curious if there are countries that use party-list system while also allowing independent candidates to run? Logistically, what would the implementation look like? Do the independent candidates ...
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What are the obligations/duties of "a Democrat" vs an independent? (US House/Senate)

Over the past two years we've heard media discussions regarding whether various political figures should "run as Democrats"/"Republicans"/"Green"/other parties, or "run as independents", for the US ...
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Does Ireland's Dáil have an unusually high number of independents, compared to other European legislatures?

I noticed that the 4th largest "party" in the current Dáil are independents with 19/160 seats. Is this proportion high (or not) in a broader European perspective in national legislatures?
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7 votes
3 answers

What exactly does one do and not do as an independent US senator who "caucuses with the Democrats"?

Politico's June 15, 2023 ‘Blood on your hands’: Duckworth blasts Sinema for pilot training proposal contains the following sentence: Sinema, who caucuses with the Democrats, did not immediately have ...
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Why do independents choose a party to caucus with?

There's already a question about how an independent Senator chooses which of the two parties to caucus with, but it doesn't address why one would want to do so in the first place. Based on the ...
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Did Bernie Sanders being an independent Senator hurt his presidential bid?

I am wondering about Bernie Sanders and the fact that he is technically not a Democrat. (Vermont doesn't register by party, so this is a complicated issue.) Let's go by his Senate affiliation. He is ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Could a congressional candidate who lost a primary run as an independent, win the general, and then switch parties?

I was thinking about progressive candidates and how Democratic primaries are a powerful tool that has successfully been used to install progressive candidates by replacing an "establishment" ...
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Who were Cathy Brown and Sabrina Allen (independent candidates in 2000 US presidential election)?

Select 2000 from results and then click more Brown and Allen got 1,606 votes. They had ballot access in a single state - Tennessee. For context, the Prohibition party got 208 - a fringe but well-known ...
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How did Bernie Sanders win in Congress as an independent?

In 1990, Bernie Sanders got elected to the House. This stands out for multiple reasons. The one I am focusing on is him being an independent. It is highly unusual for a US politician to be an ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How has Angus King explained why he's an Independent?

Angus King is an independent who caucuses with the Democrats. Unlike Bernie Sanders, he is a pretty normal-seeming Democrat, not a self-described democratic socialist. What has he said about his ...
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Why do US independent voters seem at least as likely to vote Republican compared to all voters since 2008?

I was reading through data. I found that, when comparing to the national average, in every election since 2008. Here is what I found. Note: EVEN means margin is within one percentage point of the ...
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