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Questions about politics concerning indigenous population groups in different countries.

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What will the powers of the The Indigenous Australian Voice be?

Australia is considering a referendum to alter its constitution to create an "Australian and Torres Strait Islander Voice". The text of the amendment is as follows: "There shall be a ...
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What are the disadvantages of belonging to a US Native American tribe (especially Navajo)?

Axios' Navajo Nation is now largest U.S. tribe says: The Navajo Nation surpassed the Cherokee Nation as the largest tribe in the United States from an enrollment surge during the coronavirus pandemic,...
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How do electoral college votes work with Indian reservations?

As far as I know, citizens from Indian reservations can vote for president, but every-time we see discussions about Presidential elections, votes are assigned by the electoral college per state. How ...
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Could Europeans in Europe demand protection under UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

Link to declaration: Especially some points concerning protection of traditional indigenous culture, including its proper access to media ...
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Are Indian tribal governments subject to the Bill of Rights?

In the US, Indian tribes with official recognition from the federal government are given sovereignty and the right to self-governance. They are not subject to state laws in the state their reservation ...
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What do Native Americans in Canada want from the Federal Government?

In recent news in Canada it has been reported that Indigenous peoples are no longer supporting Justin Trudeau's Liberal government. In fact, support has dipped to 2 in 10 Indigenous saying they would ...
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Has the White House addressed what brought H.R. 312 to Trump’s attention?

President Trump tweeted this yesterday: Republicans shouldn’t vote for H.R. 312, a special interest casino Bill, backed by Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. It is unfair and doesn’t treat Native ...
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Decision about cultural appropriation by tribal government

Have their been any decisions or recommendations by governments of Native American tribes or nations about the issue of cultural appropriation? I am especially interested in decisions or ...
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Are Native American tribes considered part of the United States?

What is the principle of Tribal Sovereignty? Does it mean that Native American tribes are not part of the United States?
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Why was excluding Australian Aboriginal populations from the Race Power considered racist?

Section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution originally read, The people of any race, other than the aboriginal race in any State, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws: I hope ...
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Who negotiates tribal compacts in the United States?

In the United States, Native American tribes are semi-sovereign units of government. States often enter into compacts (contracts) with tribal governments that establish how the two can interact. ...
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Why do Indian reservations still exist in North America?

Both Canada and the US still have weird quasi-states on their territory for citizens of Native American/First Nation origins. However in the 21st century this appears to be quite an archaic concept, ...
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Do aboriginal Australians value the acknowledgement of country speeches

Before many formal presentations often that have some connection with the government there is a formal acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the area and the tribe. This is usually in the ...
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Native America Trust Land - Can it be taken away legally?

While I was reading up on the Dakota pipeline issue and Standing Rock, I thought I read somewhere that Native American Trust Land (aka reservations that are held in a trust by the US government) can ...
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Why does the USDA specify 'American Indian/Alaska Native' foods as a separate food group?

I was recently looking at the USDA Nutrient Database and I noticed that they categorized 'American Indian/Alaska Native' as a separate food group. For example, what is the difference between 35137 - ...
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Why are Native/Indigenous Americans still called "American Indians" by the U.S. government?

Since European countries started to colonize North America, the indigenous peoples have been referred to as "Indians." I'm assuming this is because, when Columbus landed in the Americas, he expected ...
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Why do Native American tribes have a voice in California Online Poker Politics?

No one brings this up, and maybe I'm just ignorant of how the political system works and it's perfectly normal for foreign entities to use "lobbying" to affect laws in sovereign states they ...
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Which US laws apply on a Native American/ Indian Reservation?

An acquaintance was employed at a casino operated by an Indian tribe. He was fired for what would be a discriminatory reason if he were employed by a non-reservation employer. My question is, which ...
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Why don't Native Americans have representation in Congress?

While Native Americans are counted for purposes of population in the House of Representatives, the case could be made that as sovereign nations, various Indian tribes should have rights to specific ...
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How supported is the idea of a fully independent Indian state among US Native Americans?

Some people (e.g. here) accuse USA of supporting other countries' independence movements (Kosovo/Palestine/Tibet/Taiwan, depending on your definition of "support") as being in conflict with the fact ...
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