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Uninsured motor vehicle drivers in the USA - why is the liability insurance requirement not enforced better?

In the USA, like in many other countries, liability insurance is mandatory for motor vehicles in almost every state. However, a significant number of drivers drive without insurance: Despite laws ...
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Has China's deposit insurance been used to pay claims since adoption (seemingly in 2015)?

I've read this CNN article on protests against Chinese banks "freezing" their customers' deposits for months (and watched the video inside too), but there's no mention of any deposit ...
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Are Medicare approved amounts significantly different than Commercial insurance approved amounts

In context: During the 1st Democratic candidates debate 6/26/19, it was stated that If you go to every hospital in this country and you ask them one question, which is how would it have been for ...
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Why restrict private health insurance?

There are several countries in which all citizens have a right to healthcare that is paid for by the government, e.g. in Canada. Yet in some of these countries (again noteably certain parts of ...
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How does insurance birth control work in the United States?

(Not sure if this is the right Stack Exchange site. I'm asking it here because the event in question, as well as the repercussions, are political in nature.) Wikipedia's article on Sandra Fluke ...
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Why does Virginia allow driving without vehicle liability insurance by paying an "Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee"?

In the US state of Virginia, like in most countries/states in the world, liability insurance is mandatory for (drivers of) motor vehicles. However, unlike other countries, it is allowed to drive ...
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