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Questions relating to courts that are formed by treaties between nations. Examples include the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice, for which specific tags are available. See the tag info (Learn more...) for additional courts and their tags.

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Is there a statute of limitations on crimes by nation states?

In the past, governments have sanctioned acts that are considered barbaric today. As far as I understand some of those nations are legal entities that still exist today. Are those nations legally ...
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Have the leaders of UN Security Council permanent member states ever been tried for war crimes?

US leader Joe Biden has been declaring that Russian leader Vladimir Putin should face trial as a war criminal. However, both countries have permanent seats on the UN Security Council, which seems to ...
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Good Friday Agreement and WTO rules

WTO 'equal treatment' rules were not mentioned anywhere in the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) when it was first formulated in the late 1990s. But do Global Trade rules implicitly and automatically ...
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Can China still be punished under UNCLOS in the Philippines v China case?

I have been learning about conflicts in the South China Sea involving China. I remember when the Philippines led an arbitration case against China and I still don't understand why an international ...
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What mechanisms are available to seek compensation from the UK in relation to Brexit-related disputes?

France (and possibly other EU members) are threatening to take legal action against the UK if their fishermen are significantly disadvantaged after Brexit, including under 'No-deal'. French President ...
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Can a country be held liable for the actions of a private military company domiciled in it?

Let's say that a company like Blackwater is responsible for war crimes. Can the U.S. be punished for the actions of Blackwater? How will the legal proceedings develop? I am mostly interested in how ...
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Can a country avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity by denying it happened?

I found this article and what I read shocked me. There are an estimated 650,000 like Hong Hanh in Vietnam, suffering from an array of baffling chronic conditions. Another 500,000 have already ...
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What are the reasons the United States did not support the creation of the International Criminal Court? [duplicate]

In reading the Wikipedia article on the International Criminal Court, I learned that the United States did not support the court's creation, but no reason was given. For what reasons did the United ...
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How is judicial independence ensured for International Tribunals?

According to this article, Mladic's conviction by International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague found widespread international support. However, this opinion is not ...
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Do Caribbean countries have standing against colonial countries for slave reparations?

A new lawsuit is being filed in the International Court at Haugue for slave reparations. Fourteen Caribbean countries that once sustained that slave economy now want Mr. Hague to put his money where ...
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