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The International Criminal Court is an international court established through the Rome Statue that entered into force in 2002. The court investigates and tries crimes against the international community, specifically "genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression".

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Can the ICC try Ethiopia or any country involved in the Tigray war for war crimes?

Kassahun Molla Yilma, former head of Jimma University School of Law and prosecutor, argued in February 2021 that for the Mai Kadra massacre of the Tigray War and other atrocities taking place in ...
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Has the ICC ever ordered to arrest any Western or pro-Western politician?

Referring to this question, it appears as if the ICC is biased in favor of the West, since all the people it has punished were enemies of the West. But since crimes which can be prosecuted by the ICC ...
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What evidence has the ICC relied on in ordering the arrest of the President of Russia?

A few days ago, International Criminal Court prosecutor Karim Khan said: Today, the Pre-Trial Chamber has issued arrest warrants in relation to the following two individuals: Mr Vladimir Putin, ...
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Why is the ICC focusing on the transfer of war orphans to Russia rather than Russia's much more obvious crimes in Ukraine?

As per the official press release by the ICC: Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born on 7 October 1952, President of the Russian Federation, is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful ...
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What is the basis for Russia calling the ICC "the puppet of the West"?

Citing it straight from the horse's mouth, @ Tass The International Criminal Court (ICC), which is ready to exercise pseudo-justice on the orders of the West, has proved its inferiority, Russian ...
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How is the ICC warrant supposed to restrict Putin's travel abroad given that he's in possession of diplomatic immunity?

According to The Guardian: Putin is likely to evade justice in the near future: Russia does not recognise the court’s jurisdiction, and insisted on Friday it was not affected by the warrants. But the ...
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Is an ICC warrant sufficient to override diplomatic immunity in signatory nations?

As per recent news: The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine, a move dismissed by Moscow as ...
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What's the point of issuing an arrest warrant for Putin given that the chances of him getting arrested are effectively zero?

As per recent news: The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine, a move dismissed by Moscow as ...
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Does this clip represented an official admission of guilt by Bush?

When speaking at his presidential library, Bush accidentally said "Iraq" instead of Ukraine when he is condemning the illegal Russian invasion, as seen here. He also followed up his mistake ...
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What would happen if Russia is convicted of war crimes?

Today President Zelensky has accused Russia of war crimes, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) - which examines war crimes - is looking to open an investigation. What would happen if ...
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2 answers

Why was no significant action taken against Omar al-Bashir even after the ICC issued an arrest warrant for genocide?

No western power undertook perceptible actions or investigations, even in three separate counts of genocide for which the ICC issued its second warrant against al-Bashir. While al-Bashir was in power, ...
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Why does the US oppose the International Criminal Court? [duplicate]

Some time ago (about half a year in fact), the US withdrew from some treaties related to the ICC. As I understand, the main reason is to protect US military personnel from potential ICC investigations....
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Henry Kissinger and the International Criminal court

The International Criminal Court was created by the Rome Statute in 1998, entered into force in 2002 and is currently ratified by 124 nations. This is the court par excellence, for prosecuting crimes ...
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Would killing ISIS journalists be considered a war crime? If so, could ISIS use the ICC?

If ISIS had journalists on the ground in the Battle of Mosul (2016-17) that recently concluded, and they were clearly journalists, and clearly weren't combatants; would their Iraqi enemy be allowed to ...
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How does the ICC enforce its judgements?

I was wondering: how does the International Criminal Court (ICC) enforce its judgements? It has no military power whatsoever, so it seems to me they can only rely on the country where the crime is ...
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Why has the United States not signed and ratified the International Criminal Court?

The International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty has been signed by 121 countries. A number of countries are not parties; China, Russia, United States. From the countries that are not parties to the ICC, ...
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