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Who decides how consumer electronics could and should be labeled and advertised? [closed]

Let's suppose I'm a somewhat-educated computer-science-wise citizen who is very dissatisfied with inconsistent digital storage drive capacity labeling, where manufacturers use GB (base-10 SI metric ...
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Diplomatic immunity for crimes abroad after returning to home state

There has been a recent incident relating to a person with diplomatic immunity (a US citizen) being involved in a fatal car crash in the UK. My question is born out of reading about this case, but I'm ...
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Are there standardized definitions for systems of government?

Background I am a counselor for the Citizenship in the World merit badge in Boy Scouts. I have only taught the badge once and trying to teach this requirement has tripped me up. It still trips me up ...
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Who is responsible for preventing smuggling?

Related to; fentanyl imports Who is responsible for stopping smuggling into a country? The country where the goods are shipped from, or the one which receives them? Recently the UK has been asked ...
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Why can we have human rights declared by ECHR but no environmental "rights"?

I have recently read that in the European Union where I live, plastic in biowaste is a huge concern because when supermarkets get rid of fruits and vegetables which are packed in plastic it is "...
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Could the EU introduce an app-crossing messenger standard and make its use obligatory for every messenger?

Let's assume the EU does the following things: It develops a messaging standard for texts, speech messages, documents, video calls, end-to-end encryption and more and makes this open source (like the ...
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How does the standardisation process in the EU work?

According to the EU’s website there are three standardisation bodies officially recognised as suppliers of European Standards: CEN, CENELEC and ETSI. I thought the European Medicines Agency had a ...
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Why are there no attempts to establish the metric system in the US?

As far is I'm aware, there aren't many rational arguments for using the imperial system of measurement in favor of the metric system. Have there been actual political attempts to establish the metric ...
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How does transportation and security of high ranking officials differ in the EU and US? [closed]

Do high ranking members of parliament and other state institutions travel in armoured vehicles and have armed personal security in the EU and UK? If so, which bodies protect them? How does this ...
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Is there continued movement towards unification of electric power wall socket/plug standards?

As we all know, when traveling abroad we usually have to use electric power socket adapters, since there are several form factors in use in the world, and most are incompatible with each other (i.e. ...
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