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Questions tagged [international-waters]

Questions about water outside the territorial limits of countries as defined by UNCLOS. Otherwise, consider the [water] tag.

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5 answers

What is the specific term for countries without direct access to the high seas?

Is there a term for countries with access to the sea but not to open international waters? I'm thinking of Cuba, Germany, Italy, North Korea, etc. that are surrounded by exclusive economic zones of ...
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What doubts around the legality of the US coalition's actions in the Red Sea has the Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya exactly? [closed]

Reading this (translated), on what the Russia's Permanent Representative in the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, said at the meeting: Nebenzia said: “The so-called international maritime ...
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Does Yemen have the right under international law to close Bab El Mandeb strait?

As Yemen warned ships in Red Sea to avoid Israel or face attack, I wonder if it has the right under international law to stop these ships from crossing the strait. Is Yemen breaking an international ...
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What parts of the South China Sea does the U.S. recognize as belonging to China? In 2010, at a regional conference in Hanoi, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that "The United States has a national ...
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Is the Baltic Sea considered included in the area covered by the NATO treaty?

Article 6 of the NATO treaty specifically mentions the Mediterranean Sea, but not the Baltic Sea. So do NATO countries consider an attack on their aircraft or vessels in the Baltic Sea, but in ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Will Russia's naval exercise prevent civilian sea traffic to and from Ukraine?

It seems Russia is starting a naval exercise in various areas of international waters in the Black Sea. Ignoring questions of legality and legitimacy - I have heard it said that these actions may mean ...
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Is there any treaty or international law that tries to regulate how to handle sea waste?

Is there any treaty or international law that tries to regulate how to handle sea waste (most of it human feces)? It would be crazy if human waste was dumped onto the sea without treating it first to ...
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3 answers

Does Iran recognize any of the water in the Strait of Hormuz as being International Water?

The US is claiming that the United States Armed Services are going to ensure passage in the Strait. "We are starting a concept called Sentinel in which we will have a series of countries engaged to ...
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Does China interfere with commercial shipping passing through the Taiwan Straits?

I have read that China considers the Taiwan Straits to be its "sovereign territory" which differs from international law that defines bodies of waters 12 miles or more offshore as international waters ...
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Whose permission is required to operate commercial operations in international waters? [duplicate]

So do I have to take any permission from any international body if I start any commercial operation in the International waters such as drilling for oil or basically I have to just start an ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Are ships in international waters considered the flag states territory?

Are ships flagged under state (A) considered the territory or under the sovereignty of (A)? Is boarding such a ship by a state (B) which is not the same as (A) when (B) has an illegal blockade in ...
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Unregistered vessel on international seas - legal status and consequences?

What is the legal status, and possible legal consequences of being an unregistered vessel on international seas? Would being unregistered vessel mean, that other ships could treat me like a pirate, ...
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