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Questions tagged [iraq]

Questions relating to the government or politics of the Republic of Iraq

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What were the repercussions of Saddam Hussein's Iraq switching from USD to EUR in 2000?

In 2000, Saddam Hussein switched to selling petroleum in Euros. At that time it was considered an financially unwise decision, but later it was reported to have won Iraq handsome profits. How exactly ...
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In the wake of the 2014 Iraqi army disintegration in front of ISIS, did the US make changes to how it trained such forces, esp. in Afghanistan?

Although some are shocked by the disintegration of Afghan army in front of the Taliban, I for one wasn't too surprised given the 2014 precedent provided by the US-trained Iraqi army, which ...
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What non-WMD weapons were Saddam Hussein prohibited from buying?

The Wikipedia page of UNSCR 1441 (the last one before the invasion, reiterating what had been said in previous resolutions and giving a 'final chance') says this: Iraq's breaches related not only to ...
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