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Why was Saddam Hussein captured but Assad is still spared by America?

There were 2 major reasons for capturing Saddam: Possessing WMDs (Never proved completely) Killing Shias by Chemical Weapons In the neighbourhood of same Iraq, Bashar Al Assad has been doing ...
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Nuremberg defense for common soldiers and war of aggression

Under international law, for example the Hague, Geneva conventions and case law estabilished by various international bodies such as ICC, UNSC, UNGA, International Military Tributal (IMT)... Are ...
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What are the potential benefits of a successfully implemented Islamic State? [closed]

Hypothetically, what positive aspects could come out of the next 50 years of Middle Eastern-US policy if ISIS is successfully able to create and defend territory between Iraq and Syria?
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What gave Turkey the right to send troops into Iraq in 2015?

Recently, Turkey has sent troops into Iraq. This article mentions some recent developments: “We have confirmation that Turkish forces, numbering about one armoured regiment with a number of tanks and ...
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Are oil fields controlled by ISIS being targeted by US or any other forces?

I've read (on the telegraph website) that ISIS receives £1.8m per day from their oil fields. It seems by targeting the oil fields, ISIS would lose that income. Are these oil fields being targeted? If ...
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Why is the United States seen as a major supplier of weapons to Saddam-era Iraq?

The United States is sometimes portrayed as a major supplier of weapons to Saddam-era Iraq. For example (slightly edited): Just look at the history books, Saddam was USA ally during the Iran/Iraq ...
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Is there a huge difference between the Pershmerga and the PKK?

Germany has send to the Kurds in Irak weapons. Germany will send enough weapons to arm 4,000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq battling against Islamic State (IS) insurgents, whose advances ...
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What are the (good) arguments in favour of ISIS?

Every dispute has two sides and it has been really hard to analyze the questions involving ISIS with the information we get by the media in the west. I am quite sure there some good arguments in favor ...
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Why don't other nations take action against Islamic State?

Islamic State is clearly a threat to pretty much everyone. They use shock tactics that enrage the citizens of many nations, they've attacked Syria and Iraq, and butchered many in those countries, ...
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Why don't Iraqi Kurds buy more weapons with their oil?

Iraqi Kurds are sitting on a lot of oil, and apparantly are able to sell it through channels in Iran. ISIS is obviously a threat to them, and they have called on the International Community to ...
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What enables ~30k ISIS fighters to compete with ~190k peshmerga, & others?

I was reading this article which includes the following estimates for the numbers of fighters involved in ISIS-related regions: Between 7,000 and 30,000 ISIS fighters. Mixed levels of training and ...
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What threat does the establishment of an Islamic State by ISIS pose in the region and the world?

What threat does the establishment of an Islamic State by ISIS pose in the region and the world? As far as i know they took control of a large portion of land in Iraq and Syria, however, they are ...
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How did ISIS gain control of a stockpile of weapons that did not exist?

Breitbart is reporting: ISIS took over a military base in northern Iraq last month that contains Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of chemical weapons, including hundreds of warheads containing sarin and ...
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Why is US supporting ISIS in Syria while opposing it in Iraq?

US is supporting the rebels in Syria who are trying to bring down Assad's govt. ISIS is one of the rebels. So directly or indirectly, US is supporting ISIS in Syria. But the same US is opposing the ...
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How much lives could they've saved if they would have used war money in health?

I'm not sure about how much money they've spent in war as a result of the 9/11 attacks, but it seems to be a few trillions. I'm even less sure about how much lives would they have saved if they would ...
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What triggered the war in Iraq?

This is an issue that I've never understood going back to the early 2000s. The build-up to the war in Iraq was something that snuck up on me. All of a sudden there was talk about a potential war in ...
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What evidence did the Bush administration have that Iraq stored WMD in 2002?

The U.S. and its allies have justified the Iraq war, among other things, by citing the danger of weapons of mass destruction. According to wikipedia (emphasis mine) the U.S. stated that the intent ...
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