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Better known as ISIS (sometimes called ISIL), the Islamic State is jihadist group that controlled large swaths of territory Syria and Iraq starting in 2014. It is widely regarded as a terrorist organization. For political questions about the religion Islam, use the [islam] tag.

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Why does Daesh not attack or even threaten to attack Israel?

How come Daesh/ISIS does not attack Israel, who are supposed to be their worst enemy? Precision: I'm not asking the reason for the other way around, why isn't Israel attacking IS I'm asking why isn'...
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Why isn’t Israel fighting ISIS?

According to Jürgen Todenhöfer who spent 10 days in the “Islamic State” last year, Israel is the only country in the world that ISIS fears. Apparently, ISIS is not intimidated by the U.S. nor the U.K.,...
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Why does ISIS continue to do things to make their "enemy" even more determined to go after them?

Why do groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda continue use terrorism attacks, which only do temporary physical damage. It seems to have the primary effect of aggravating huge military entities such as N.A.T....
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To whom does the Islamic State sell their oil?

The Islamic State (IS) is largely funded, it is often said, by oil revenues. This New York Times claims that the value of the output of the oil fields under IS control is $1 million to $2 million ...
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Why is ISIS taking hostages?

Why is ISIS taking hostages, beheading them, and broadcasting their deaths on the internet? I'm not asking "Why" as in "Who would be so evil to do this?", but as in what are their stated and/or ...
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Why is US supporting ISIS in Syria while opposing it in Iraq?

US is supporting the rebels in Syria who are trying to bring down Assad's govt. ISIS is one of the rebels. So directly or indirectly, US is supporting ISIS in Syria. But the same US is opposing the ...
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Is Turkey covertly supporting the Islamic State?

Islamic State oil is being more or less freely smuggled into Turkey, while foreign Jihadists are moving unhindered through Turkey into Iraq and Syria to join IS. Kurds, however, are being prevented ...
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Why is ISIS bombing Shiite mosques?

When reading about attacks by ISIS in the past year or so, I noticed that a lot of them involved attacks on Shiite mosques, in several countries. While I understand that ISIS hates Shia Islam, and ...
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Why did the Islamic State target Brussels when Belgium isn't bombing them?

This Freakonomics podcast says the number one reason for terrorism is military occupation. Robert Pape says that the overwhelming reason for 'suicide' (homicide) bombers is occupation by a foreign ...
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What are the (good) arguments in favour of ISIS?

Every dispute has two sides and it has been really hard to analyze the questions involving ISIS with the information we get by the media in the west. I am quite sure there some good arguments in favor ...
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Why don't countries revoke an IS fighter's citizenship arguing they have become citizens of IS?

Recently the UK supreme court ruled against IS bride Shamina Begum's attempt to return to the UK to fight her citizenship being revoked. As I understand it, what happened here was that the UK wanted ...
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What is ISIS fighting for?

I can't find anything on the subject that isn't extremely biased in either direction... Can anyone give me a down to earth answer to what ISIS's ideology is, what exactly are they fighting for? They ...
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How does jizya exactly work in the Islamic State?

I have a few doubts over how jizya works in the Islamic State. As far as I understand, christians and jews are allowed to "stay and not be killed" as long as they pay this tithe. However: are they ...
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UN take on ISIS?

As a quick search didn't turn up a clear result on this: did the UNSC or the UNGA (in this order of authority) give any authorizations or make any recommendations on the use of force against ISIS? And ...
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Why don't countries experiencing population decline take ISIS refugees?

This question is inspired by articles such as this one, describing how various Western countries have citizens that fought for ISIS and now do not want to repatriate them. There are obvious reasons ...
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