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Have making worker standards part of trade deals been tried?

From an article linked here, comments seem fairly unhappy with immigrants asking for rights as residency. Comments saying they should go back, no one invited them, baffled how they got to the country ...
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Why do industrial actions in France seem to happen more frequently, visibly, and intensely than in other EU states?

Obviously asking due to ongoing protests against pension reform in France. This might be just a perception issue, but it seems France has a reputation for having more frequent, visible, and intense ...
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How do national union/employer negotiations work?

There are currently a number of high-profile nationwide strikes taking place (or planned) in the UK: teachers, nurses, firemen, railway workers and university lecturers, amongst others. In all cases, ...
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How effective has Germany's co-determination policy been at improving labor condition in Germany?

To simplify, Germany's co-determination policy states that, for large companies, virtually 50% of the seats on the Board of Directors must be elected by the workers. In theory, this arrangement should ...
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The Twitter case taking into account the future of remote work. Can labour policies put a limit?

One of the first actions taken by Elon Musk after taking over Twitter was the ban on remote work. This is nothing new. Marissa Meier did the same shortly after becoming the new CEO of Yahoo. The ...
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