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To refer to physical parts of the earth. For example, as it relates to territorial disputes or land ownership.

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What was the rationale for Israeli settlers in the West Bank?

Note: I have no special/personal/professional interest in either Israel or Palestine but due to the recent events I am digging into history to learn a bit about the context. Please do not make this ...
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What benefit does lending the land give to China instead of giving it outright?

What benefit does lending the land give to China instead of giving it outright Last Wednesday, Premier Li Keqiang said a real estate protection provision that would ensure individual’s access to ...
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Can a country sell part of its land to become a new country?

Let's say someone (an individual or corporation) had enough money, could they buy an area of land and establish it as their own country? Assuming the original country was willing to surrender this ...
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Thai Government Policy On Foreign Ownership of Land

Foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand. Even if you have been married to a Thai and lived in Thailand for decades you cannot even buy 1 rai ( 1600 SQM ) of land with a house on it. You either have to ...
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How can the federal government "own" states? [closed]

Nevada's borders look like this: However, most of this "state" map is actually property belonging to the federal government. How does this ownership work? Namely: Does the federal ...
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How could a state leader recover land that they want?

If a state had some land that contained natural resources or strategic interest but lost it to another entity that isn't based in the country or owned by the state, how would they go about recovering ...
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Is there any way for somebody to privately own land in China?

I was reading about land ownership in China and found an article that described how land ownership works in China. Apparently, land is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, but leases are given to ...
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What are the geopolitical reasons for the United States wanting to buy Greenland?

Apparently, the US has been interested in buying Greenland (an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark) since at least 1946 when the Truman administration attempted to buy it for $100 million ...
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Who owned the land and natural resources under feudalism? [closed]

In Game of Throne, Lord Bolton tells his son. Look at the area of the north. I own all that land. So Lord Bolton, a duke, or baron perhaps, owns the land. However, under his command, some private ...
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How do landlocked countries, like Ethiopia, deal with trade?

Under international law, does Eritrea have a right to blockade or impose heavy tariffs on goods moving to Ethiopia?
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Can land on another planet be acquired by a person or country, and if so how?

When can a person or country stake claim to land on another planet? At what legal point can a country declare we own this land in the name of whom so ever?
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How might the USA gain land today?

What prevents the USA from gaining land from other countries? Can land be bought from another country for colonization under US protection?
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Are there any statistics on Eminent Domain?

I googled and only found some feeble neglected Quora questions on this. Can anyone help? Any stats on: How many times has eminent domain been used at any or all levels of government in any year The ...
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What political aspects prevent land purchases in North America moving national borders? [closed]

The border between the US and Mexico is about 1,952 miles long. The current US president, known for making real estate deals, previously wanted to build a large wall along the entire length of the ...
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What did Marx and Engels mean by "Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes."?

In the communist manifesto what did Marx and Engels mean by "Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes"?
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Land acquisation act in democracies

The Government of India has modified the Land Acquisition Act through an ordinance. One of the major changes is the approval constraint. It exempts at least five categories of land acquisition, ...
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Is the April 2014 action by the BLM in Bunkerville, Nevada a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act

Edit: this happened in April 2014 and this question was asked an exploration of the event as it unfolded. There is a showdown going on over the Bureau of Land Management's actions involving their ...
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Does Israel control where its own Arab Citizens can buy land?

British MP Galloway, says in this video: "Israel precludes Arab citizens of its own state from buying property and land inside that state except in carefully controlled Arab villages." Is this ...
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Are there libertarian views on proper procedure to obtain property that was previously unowned?

A while back, there was a fun article making the rounds about some dude selling people "rights" to own a plot of land on the Moon. There was another one selling plots in open ocean outside the coastal ...
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