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Does CNN regularly report on the ongoing war at the Israel's north border? [closed]

It's been asked in an fairly upvoted answer (because that's the new style here of answering questions) do the "left-wing" media regularly report on the ongoing war at the Israel's north ...
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Civil rights of Lebanese Palestinians

What is the position of American and European civil right groups on the situation of Palestinians in Lebanon? From the Wikipedia article Palestinians in Lebanon: Most Palestinians in Lebanon do not ...
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In what cases are counter-terrorist operations justified?

Many inhabitants of northern Israel have been evacuated since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, due to the incessant attacks by Lebanese Hezbollah. The Hezbollah leader himself has taken pride in ...
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What happens if Hezbollah targets the USS aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean? [closed]

The USS Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford has arrived in the Mediterranean in a clear message to Hezbollah or any other party looking to escalate the conflict or widen the war between Israel and Gaza ...
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Why doesn’t the UN peacekeeping mission fight back against Hizbollah on the Israeli border?

Recently Hizbollah has been escalating pressure on the Israeli border, possibly triggering a new conflict. But why aren’t they being repelled by UN forces before Israel has a chance to respond? There ...
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What got Lebanon into such crisis as of 2023?

Every time you read a story covering Lebanon, it usually mentions the terrible crisis. Lebanon Cholera - BBC Lebanon has collapsed from a reasonably affluent country into one at risk from the chaos ...
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Why do some political parties retain militant wings?

Many rebel groups have evolved and transitioned into political parties - in democracies and non-democracies. Some demilitarise (IRA, Tupamos, M19, Tupamaros, Farc), others do not (Hezbollah, Hamas, ...
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Hezbollah in South America

Are Hezbollah active in South America? If so what is the connection? Why and what are they doing so far away from their host country? Only yesterday U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo spoke about the ...
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Is there a legal way to find out if Saad Hariri somehow arrested or not? [closed]

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation while on a visit to Saudi Arabia. Several sources have said Saudi Arabia is holding Hariri with restricted freedom– a claim that the ...
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