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For use on questions about policies and politics relating to LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and sexual/gender minorities) people.

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What non-religious arguments, if any, are used against LGBT rights in general and marriage equality in particular?

It appears to me that opposition to marriage equality comes primarily from religious groups, in particular from the Abrahamic religions. Quoting Wikipedia: Many forms of religions, including the ...
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Are clergy required to perform interracial and/or same-sex marriages in the United States?

In Loving v. Virginia, the United States Supreme Court invalidated laws against interracial marriages. This, along with laws around equal protection and non-discrimination made for a compelling ...
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Is there a push, in the United States, to use gender-neutral language and gender pronouns (when they are given)?

I have just read a tiny fraction of a huge amount of content generated by the apparent abusive dismissal of an important moderator from the Stack Exchange network. An answer that tries to explain one ...
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How would the Libertarian non-coercion policy apply to a business being required to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

Oregon has levied fines on a family (after their business has already been dissolved) because the owners refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. The owners (and future cake making business owners) ...
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Do European politicians typically put their pronouns on their social media pages?

Probably in an effort to embrace or promote transfeminism, some US politicians now list their pronouns on their twitter pages, e.g. Elizabeth Warren lists "she/her". (It's a big cultural trend to ask ...
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What is the purpose of gay pride parades? If the purpose is clear, is it productive or counterproductive?

I am pretty unsure about gay pride parades. What is the essential goal? With suffragettes they had definite requests on voting rights. Personally I have no problem with homosexuals, I am pretty ...
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In Muslim-minority countries, is it unusual for Muslim MPs or lawmakers to vote in favour of gay marriage or related legislation?

In Did all of Germany's Muslim MPs voted in favor of same-sex marriage? on Skeptics.SE, someone was surprised by a claim that Germany's Muslim MPs voted in favour of gay marriage. I wasn't that ...
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Trump on Trans/Bathroom Issue: Libertarian or Conservative?

Obama took the liberal policy (trans choose which bathroom to go to, whether or not private businesses approve or not) regarding trans and bathrooms of private businesses. However, Trump recently ...
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