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Questions specific to the Libertarian Party, the third largest political party in the United States. Use with the [united-states] tag. For general questions about the ideology, use the [libertarian] tag, instead. For questions not specific to the Libertarian Party, consider the [third-party] or [parties] tags.

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Since 2020, do American Libertarian voters still prefer Republicans as their second choice?

It's accepted in conventional wisdom that Libertarians, if forced to choose between the two major US parties, tend to vote for the Republicans as their second choice. However, the Republican party in ...
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20 votes
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What is the Libertarian party perspective on second hand smoke?

Several cities in California have or are considering instituting public smoking bans that are quite restrictive by citing the health concerns of secondhand smoke, i.e. Calabasas, Laguna Beach How is '...
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10 votes
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Why does the libertarian party keep failing to gain much approval in US?

In the U.S, there has not been much support for the Libertarian Party. Even though two of the leading candidates in the past presidential election have been considered to have too many faults to be ...
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In the US, why do libertarians tend to side with the Republican party rather than the Democratic party?

A generic way to define a libertarian in the US could be 'fiscally conservative, socially liberal'. Given that the two major parties (Republican and Democratic) tend to (again, speaking generically) ...
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