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Questions related to a dedicated laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.

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What Behooves An Individual to Acknowledge a Country?

Simple observation shows some being occupying some space on some land on some planet. These are all physically real. If the being is a man and the space is then labeled a country on planet Earth, what ...
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What is the accepted Libertarian defense against despots?

There are a number of plausible Libertarian solutions to everyday political problems. The initial allocation of natural resources, or dealing with crime, are rather well covered. However, all of those ...
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Maintaining international stability while reducing US military influence

The US military is currently maintaining a status quo around the world, including preventing military aggression against smaller democratic nations and keeping shipping and international trade open ...
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Would a Libertarian argue for full disclosure in political donations for transparency's sake or full privacy for the donor?

I've read this 'primer' on at least one Libertarian's view on campaign finance. One line under the heading "are there any campaign contributions or expenditures that should be illegal?" suggests ...
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How do Libertarians address the case of "I sold my soul to the company store"?

One of the main arguments that large corporations would not pose a threat in minimal-government libertarian state is that the corporation theoretically has no monopoly on force. In other words, "A ...
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Libertarianism and large companies

As for what I have understood, libertarians (or the "most liberal" stand-point, whatever the correct term is) wants a free market, press, liberty for all, etc. and a small government. That means, as I´...
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Why is Jeremy Bentham considered Liberal?

I often see Jeremy Bentham being categorised as Liberal, but I cannot understand the reasons behind it. His Utilitarian thinking is not directly related to liberal notions like equality, private ...
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Would legalization of drugs increase the power of the FARC?

Libertarians have very compelling arguments in favor of drug legalization. I have been convinced by these (and similar) arguments. But recently I heard one counter-argument that seems very compelling ...
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State army in libertarian state

How would a state's army be paid in libertarian state? Would there be at least some taxes to pay for this?
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Was the Icelandic economic crisis of 2008 a product of lax government oversight or big government?

US libertarians, and some of those who share their rhetoric on the right, are strong proponents of laissez-faire economics and limited government. However, in the case of Iceland and its banking ...
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How is UKIP seen in the United States and elsewhere?

I wonders whether UKIP is even known outside of Europe. UKIP is the United Kingdom Independence Party, which campaign on the right to self determination and libertarianism.
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What is the theoretical content of the terms used in non-aggression discourse within liberal politics?

The complexity of non-aggression politics within liberalism is obvious: liberalism defends private property which is widely (but not universally) considered to be an act of violence by other political ...
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What are the origins of non-aggression politics within liberalism?

Non-aggression politics plays a significant role in liberalism as a broad tradition. It appears to be central to the revival of Manchester School politics in the United States under the name "...
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What policies for ecological sustainability have been proposed by conservative or economically libertarian political groups?

This question explores the nature of the green movement, which is often associated with progressive or left-wing politics. One answer points out that it's not the problem identification that is ...
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Are there libertarian views on proper procedure to obtain property that was previously unowned?

A while back, there was a fun article making the rounds about some dude selling people "rights" to own a plot of land on the Moon. There was another one selling plots in open ocean outside the coastal ...
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How does libertarianism challenge a "property is theft" counter-argument to a "tax is theft" argument?

An argument commonly ascribed to libertarianism runs as follows: Property is the right (either shared or exclusive) to enjoy the benefits of a particular resource. Theft is the non-consensual ...
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What is the difference between liberalism and libertarianism?

According to wikipedia Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis) is a political philosophy or worldview founded on the idea of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on ...
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Has a libertarian party ever won a parliamentary election anywhere?

Libertarian ideas seem to have a strong following in the developed world, but I've never heard of any libertarian party being in power. In Poland, where I live, the main libertarian party (which might ...
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