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How much is Lithuania paying/cost-sharing for the US troop presence in their country?

It's been suggested in some comments (and now an answer) to a related Q that the US is expected to demand lest cost sharing from Germany than from South Korea, for US troop presence, because Germany ...
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Is support for the far right unusually low in Lithuania (compared to its neighbors) and if so why?

The Economist (2023-09-14): Support for nationalist or far-right parties: Lithuania <1% Poland >40% Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia (and many other countries): 20-30% The above map suggests ...
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Why do Poland and Lithuania push for NATO membership for Ukraine instead of sending troops to Ukraine directly?

Lithuanian and Polish presidents visit Kyiv, back Ukraine's path to NATO Lithuania and Poland are in favor of Ukraine joining NATO. Presumably, this is because they view it as NATO's duty to protect ...
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Has the WTO adjudicated any disputes in which unofficial trade barriers were alleged?

In a recent case against China, the EU alleges that various "errors" have started to pop up in the processing Lithuanian goods by the Chinese customs. However, no explicit Chinese laws or ...
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What possible retaliation could Russia take against Lithuania for enforcing the EU sanctions?

Russia has today threatened Lithuania with retaliation after Lithuania enforced the EU sanctions blocking certain products from transiting Lithuania from Russia to Kaliningrad. Russia refers to this ...
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How long did it take Warsaw pact countries until their NATO memberships were ratified?

The current NATO members entered the coalition in waves: 1949: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The United States 1952: ...
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Has Lithuania completed its border fence with Russia (Kaliningrad)? If so, what is the length of the fence?

There were news (and interviews) in 2017 that Lithuania was building a (2m tall) border fence with Russia's exclave of Kaliningrad. Wikipedia's article on this is woefully out-of-date as it only says ...
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What is the rationale of Lithuania allowing a diplomatic mission under the name of Taiwan, thus deteriorating the diplomatic relation with China?

This article provides some insight into the recent diplomatic tensions between Lithuania and China: Taiwan announced the new mission last month, saying it would be called the Taiwanese Representative ...
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What would have been the probable reaction if the Belarusian planes had entered Lithuanian airspace? [closed]

The Belarusian government hijacked a Ryanair plane (or "diverted", to use a more neutral word) above its territory to capture Roman Protasevich, a member of the opposition to President ...
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Why do certain countries mandate that election must happen in a certain month?

I understand that it can be favorable to create a predictable timetable for elections, however, I don't understand why certain countries decide to time their elections in a certain month. Example: In ...
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How did Rolandas Paksas improperly meddle in a privatisation deal?

Rolandas Paksas was the first European president to be impeached. He was also the third president of Lithuania after it seceded from the Warsaw pact. According to wikipedia: During his term, concerns ...
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What is the rationale for hosting CIA secret jails by Romania and Lithuania?

According to this article, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romania and Lithuania allowed the detention and abuse of a Saudi and a Palestinian at secret U.S. prisons: The court ...
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