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Liz Truss was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from early September to late October 2022. She also served as International Trade Secretary and as Foreign Secretary. Use this tag with the [united-kingdom] tag.

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Who exactly has the authority to expel members from the Conservative Party?

Today William Wragg MP made remarks in Parliament in which he undertook to vote in line with a three-line whip on a vote described as a confidence motion in the Government. The reason he gave – for ...
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How uncommon is it for a Prime Minister not to respond to an urgent question themselves?

Quite a lot has been made of Liz Truss not attending the House of Commons to answer an urgent question from the Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer on her decision to replace the Chancellor of the ...
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What would happen if the current prime minister lost their seat in a general election? [duplicate]

I was just reading this article about Liz Truss’s seat in Norfolk, and how the constituents are slowly revoking their support. It made me wonder what would happen in the (unlikely) scenario where the ...
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"We're producing more varieties of cheese than the French!" What was (future UK Prime Minister) Liz Truss's point here?

The Juice Media's August 22, 2022 satirical video "Honest Government Ad | UK" (please be aware there's racy language; it's Australian satire) includes a presumably real clip of current UK ...
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Why was Kwasi Kwarteng sacked and Jeremy Hunt appointed as the UK finance minister?

I'm struggling to get from the news headlines why Kwasi Kwarteng was sacked. Wasn't Liz Truss the actual policymaker? Did the fact that they're friends mean that he had more autonomy to make his own ...
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What are the advantages for the Government of presenting policy in a general debate rather than as a ministerial statement?

The i news this morning says that Liz Truss plans to unveil her plan to attempt to tackle the energy crisis in Britain: Liz Truss will outline the Government’s plan to save households and businesses ...
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Has a Prime Minister ever been appointed while in Scotland before?

Liz Truss recently met the Queen in her Scottish residence Balmoral to be invited to form a government as Prime Minister. Usually this meeting would be performed in Buckingham Palace in London, but on ...
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What were the key factors that led to Truss being a finalist in the MPs vote and then winning the popular party vote, in the UK?

Like the question says. Now that the UK Conservative Party voting is done and a new Prime Minister installed (or imminently so today), what were the factors that led to her being one of the two ...
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