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Questions tagged [local-autonomy]

Questions about actions or movements that promote a greater degree of self-government within a country or political subdivision. Use with a country tag. If the question is about full independence from a country, use the [secession] tag, instead. If the question is about whether an area is independent use the [statehood] tag, instead.

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14 votes
2 answers

What are the benefits for the Canadian government to cede natural resources to the people of Nunavut?

And on Thursday, he inked his name to an agreement with the federal government on that he hopes will open up more opportunities for coming generations. Akeeagok and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, ...
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Did the Iraqi central government explicitly object to (or approve of) any deals by Russian oil & gas companies with the Kurdish Regional Government?

According to al-Jazeera, citing various (alas unnamed Russian and Kurdish diplomats/officials), Russia financially "saved" the KRG at a crucial time, by having its major oil/gas companies ...
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Does Hong Kong really have "...significantly more autonomy than other parts of the PRC" in 2022? If so, how exactly?

This answer to Does Hong Kong participate in PRC's decision-making process? was (probably too) quickly accepted considering the complex and translucent1 nature of "PRC's decision-making process&...
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In which areas has national autonomy become weaker, and to what extent and in which areas has national autonomy become stronger? (Sovereign States)

For more than a decade some academics and political actors have been declaring that the sovereign state is just about dead. The reality is that the states are still here and it doesn’t seem that they ...
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3 votes
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How does the Barnett Formula work?

I've often heard the Barnett Formula come up in debates regarding the topic of Scottish independence, and I know it relates in some way to the mechanism used to determine the amount of money allocated ...
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10 votes
3 answers

If India got independence in 1947, how come there were governments by Indians before then?

I was looking at many early politicians of India and wondered why some of them are listed as Prime Minister, Chief minister, etc. of certain Indian states, before 1947. But I read India received ...
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Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

After India abrogated the Article 370 and accessed Kashmir to the Indian union, there has been huge opposition from the Pakistani administration. What I want to know is whether Pakistan Occupied ...
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2 answers

Secessionist / Regionalist political parties in Germany

In the UK, there are parties represented in regional and the national parliament calling for either the secession of, or at least greater autonomy for their nations from the UK (e.g. SNP, Plaid Cymru, ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Does the increased localization of government control provide a solution to the stalemate caused by two party politics?

I was considering posting this in the Philosophy S.E., to ask if this was an example of The Middle Ground Fallacy, but then realized that my context is entirely political. Much of federal politics in ...
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What other European countries are experiencing independence movements?

UK, Spain, and now Italy have regions that have held referendums on independence or autonomy after the leaders of Italy's two wealthiest northern regions have claimed victory in a non-binding ...
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1 answer

Is there a non-independent country with “full fiscal autonomy”?

In the post-election debate in the United Kingdom, where the Scottish National Party won 56 out of 59 Scottish Westminster seats and 50% of the Scottish popular vote, one point of discussion is how ...
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