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Questions related to the politics of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. Use with the [united-kingdom] tag.

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Is there a compelling reason for holding the Queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey?

The Abbey seats only 2000 people. Charles & Diana's wedding in 1981 was held at St Paul's which seats almost twice the number - for that reason. At the Queen's Coronation in 1953, the Abbey ...
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Does the Met Police Commissioner have the authority to "clean house"?

The news are reporting Cressida Dick's forced resignation as the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (meaning London, UK) following her preceived failure to adequately tackle racism and misogyny ...
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Why is it possible for influential foreigners to commit frauds in their respective countries, flee to London, and live there safely for years?

Let us look at the following links: India's most wanted man Nirav Modi - accused of £1.5bn fraud - living openly in London Naresh Goyal deplaning: From Nirav to Mallya, why Indian businessmen flee to ...
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Is there a more in-depth explanation why Asians in (Greater) London voted to leave the EU, breaking with the national trend for ethnic minorities?

A ward-level BBC analysis of the 2016 EU referendum pointed out these patterns of Asian vote in London, breaking with the national trend: White populations were generally more pro-Leave, and ethnic ...
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Why did a decent number of London constituencies vote to Leave?

London has been seen as a Remain stronghold. However, I see that there are a decent number of London constituencies which voted to leave (eg: Carshalton and Wallington, Croydon Central, Uxbridge and ...
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How did Boris Johnson manage to be elected Mayor of London for two terms when London is usually staunchly Labour?

In 2008, Boris Johnson beat Ken Livingstone by 6.4% of the vote share in the second round of voting. He repeated this feat in 2012, if by a slimmer margin. How did he manage to win these elections, ...
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How are London's cabs licensed?

Is there any similarity between the medallion system predominant in US cities, in which taxicab licenses once (and seldom) issued are forever sold on the open market, with a large secondary (and ...
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Why can't London increase the Congestion Charge to the point where congestion is reduced to reasonable levels?

According to the Wiki article about the London Congestion Charge: In 2013, ten years after its implementation in 2003, TfL reported that the congestion charging scheme resulted in a 10% reduction ...
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Would it save lives in London to arm every individual police officer?

Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, said on the radio this morning that she continued to be opposed to ordinary police officers in London being routinely armed. Britain ...
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Are there areas of London the police are afraid to enter?

From The Daily Mail (online): The US presidential contender caused worldwide consternation yesterday after a string of incendiary remarks about Muslims, including in Britain, and said: 'We have ...
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