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Questions related to the government or politics regarding the Republic of North Macedonia, formerly referred to under the provisional description of former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

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Are there any polls in France on further EU expansion in the Balkans?

On October 18, the BBC reported that At the EU summit, French President Emmanuel Macron led a small number of countries in rejecting the Western Balkan countries from moving forward with their ...
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Why are the Greek nationalists against resolving the name dispute and calling FYROM "North Macedonia"?

According to yesterday's newspapers (22th January, 2019), Greek nationalists made street protests against the agreement to resolve the infamous naming dispute when it comes to former-Yugoslav ...
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Is the dispute over the naming of Macedonia unique in recent history?

The dispute between Greece and Macedonia over who gets to keep the name "Macedonia" has been ongoing for 20 years now. Is this a unique dispute or have there been any other similar disputes in recent ...
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Since Greece wants FYROM to be named "North Macedonia", why don't they make an example call their own region "South Macedonia"?

Greece refuses to recognise the name "Republic of Macedonia" (often named "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", FYROM) because this country is only a part of historical Macedonia, the other part ...
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Why have the states of Greece and Macedonia failed to solve the naming dispute after so many years?

The Macedonia naming dispute has been going on for decades, with severe political and economic consequences for both countries. But it seems that a solution like naming the country e.g. "Northern ...
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Do the current financial issues in Greece affect Macedonia's potential accession to the EU?

Greece and Macedonia have a long running naming dispute, with Greece blocking entry of Macedonia into the EU and NATO. If Greece leaves the EU, does that mean Macedonia can join?
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