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Former mayor of New York City and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. Use with the [united-states] tag

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What caused Mike Bloomberg to win American Samoa?

What were the factors that led Mike Bloomberg to win the Democratic caucus in American Samoa?
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What are the limits on how much Bloomberg could donate to the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020?

Mike Bloomberg is self funding his campaign and with a personal fortune of $65 billion. His campaign spending could be essentially limitless. With this amount of money he could radically outspend ...
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Why did Bloomberg not run as a Republican?

Bloomberg ran as a Republican for mayor of New York City. His declared goal is to throw Trump out of office. If this is his primary goal wouldn't it have been better to try to run against him in the ...
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How can Michael Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee for President when he has not appeared on any primary ballot so far?

I just saw an advertisement on TV: "Bloomberg for president!", but I am not seeing him in any of the primary results. How can he have any realistic chance of being the Democratic nominee if he's ...
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Why do betting odds give Michael Bloomberg 10% chance of winning the Democratic nomination?

Currently give Michael Bloomberg a bit over 10% chance of winning the Democratic nomination. Since he is polling single digits(not even close to double digits) ...
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Is there any polling on the Democratic primaries that includes Bloomberg?

Michael Bloomberg has announced yesterday that he officially joins the Democratic primaries race. This seems a bit late in the game, so to speak, but maybe he knows something we don't. So, is there ...
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Why is Trump apparently disparaging Michael Bloomberg as "little Michael"? [closed]

Trump has a penchant for disparaging his political opponents with labels like "crooked Hillary", "sleepy Joe Biden" and so forth. Recently Trump called Michael Bloomberg "little", in relation to ...
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Can Bloomberg run again in the future, or is the 3-term limit absolute?

What I mean is, are Mayors of NYC limited to three consecutive terms, or three terms in their lifetime? I couldn't find any answer to this question anywhere. Could Bloomberg run again in another 4 ...
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