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Questions about Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, crown-prince and de-facto ruler of Saudi-Arabia.

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How is the personal relationship between Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman?

Putin is known for being fairly able to use his personal charm in some political relations, e.g. with Berlusconi which some media described as a "bromance". What is meant by this term in ...
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Why is Lindsey Graham so acerbic against Mohammed bin Salman?

Graham said that MBS (the Crown Prince) "has to go" and and called him "crazy" and "dangerous". It looks like Graham, although a Republican, is strongly against the White House' position on this, ...
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What are the differences between Saudi's new heir Mohammad bin Salman (King's son) and previous heir Muhammad bin Nayef?

The news from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is that the King replaced Muhammad bin Nayef as Crown prince (heir) with his son Mohammad bin Salman. What are the main differences between the old and new heirs,...
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