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Questions about the government and politics of the Republic of Moldova.

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When a country is merged into another country, what happens to the people who were holding public office? [closed]

If country A were to be absorbed into country B, do elected officials in country A generally receive some position in country B? For instance, if Moldova and Romania unite, will Maia Sandu and her ...
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How do the Russian forces in Transnistria get in and out?

How do the Russian forces in Transnistria get in and out of the region? Transnistria is bordered by Moldova and Ukraine. "The Government of Moldova views the presence of these Russian troops as ...
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Are there some figures for Moldova's economic benefits from their Association Agreement with the EU?

Moldova has an Association Agreement with the EU which includes a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area as well as some ancillary benefits according to Wikipedia the modernisation of Moldova's ...
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Has the pro-Russia president of Moldova taken any concrete steps toward abandoning Moldova's Association Agreement with the EU?

According to Wikipedia: On 1 July 2016, the Association Agreement (AA) between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova fully came into force, following ratification by all 31 signatories. [...]...
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Which countries have largely copied article 49 para 3 of the French constitution?

Roughly speaking, article 49.3 of the French constitution allows the government to pass a law without an explicit vote in the legislative assembly by "committing government's responsibility"....
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Is the independent streak in the Dniestrian countries due to their Phanariot heritage?

I have always been puzzled by the independence of the people along the Dniester River and their various countries such as Moldova, Transnistria and Bessarabia. Why aren't they a natural part of ...
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Can a EU member merge with a non-EU one without previously setting up/changing some agreements at EU level?

Some political parties advocate for the merging of Romania and Moldova: Some political parties within both Moldova and Romania advocate merging the two countries. Such a scenario would ...
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Why was Moldova the only post-Soviet country to elect a communist government?

For much of the period following the collapse of the USSR, Moldova was governed by an elected Communist government, uniquely among post-Soviet states. What factors were at work in Moldova which led ...
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