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Questions tagged [mongolia]

Questions relating to the government or politics of Mongolia

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What are the benefits Russia may gain from a strong relationship with Mongolia?

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, Mongolia's trade with Russia declined by 80% and China's relations and influence over Mongolia increased.[7] However, Russia ...
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How many "Inner Mongolian political refugees" might be in Mongolia?

France24 says in relation with the arrest of a Mongolian opposition figure (who was critical of Mongolia's close[r] relations with China) that Activists also say China has pressured Mongolia to ...
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What approaches are advocated for a greater Mongolia given that ethnic Mongols might be a minority?

I've heard about pan-Mongolism from time to time, such as this facebook post from Mongolia Live, and there's a Wikipedia article on it. Assuming that Russia and China were willing to give up that ...
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Why has Mongolia not had any problems with political violence by Muslims?

The USA, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Russia have all had Islamist terrorist attacks on their own soil. Many of these countries have also had people joining Islamist groups overseas such as the ...
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Why Mongolia is not a part of Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

All neighbouring countries are, while Mongolia is not. Why?
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