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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a country in south-east Asia. It was known as "Burma" until 1989. Some people continue to use the name "Burma" due to controversy surrounding the rename.

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How did China stymie the Myanmar rebels before 2023?

BBC: Three ethnic insurgent armies in Shan State, supported by other armed groups opposing the government, have overrun dozens of military posts, and captured border crossings and the roads carrying ...
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Why Google Ban Myanmar Effect Student [closed]

How long it takes when Google Ban a country ?
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What is the reason the free world bloc doesn't supply armament to the National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG)

When it comes to Ukraine or Afghanistan, the so-called free world countries seem to help supply armament to those two; but when it comes to Myanmar, support seems to be lacking. Is it because Myanmar ...
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Why did Google ban Myanmar from accessing Google Workspace?

I am a student from Myanmar. Our country had a coup 6 months ago and many countries are imposing sanctions on the military junta for killing and abusing its own people. Google has blocked access to ...
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How can I identify a transparent government?

In previous government (democratically elected) in Myanmar, there was no media freedom and no internet freedom given in Rakhine State and the government did not answer transparently to the questions ...
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What is the role of the Kaladan project?

The Kaladan project it seems is the one of the wonders taking place. However I really do not understand what is the point connect Myanmar with India for a route that will connect the main Indian ...
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What are the differences between autonomous administrative divisions and confederated states in Myanmar?

I learned that Wa State is currently an autonomous administrative division of Myanmar but in current government reform, Rakhine State wants to be a confederated state and other remaining states ...
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Why does Myanmar have significantly more trouble with democratic stability and its ethnicities than India?

Background Both Myanmar and India have numerous ethnic groups within their societies. India has countless numbers of ethnic groups within their society, and they manage to have a stable democracy. ...
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How may Myanmar modify the constitution and keep off the military from politics?

In January 2019, the National League for Democracy pushed for constitutional reform, but was unsuccessful because any changes required 75% approval in the legislature, and 25% of seats are reserved ...
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UN condemns Rohingya human rights abuses 134-9 with 28 abstentions. Which countries voted against?

On 2019-12-27, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution strongly condemning human rights abuses against Myanmar's Rohingya, 134-9 with 28 abstentions. I can't find which countries opposed or ...
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What word do the Rohingya people use to refer to the Rakhine State?

Minorities often have place-names for their ancestral/home lands that may differ from those provided by the language of the majority population. For instance, Scottish Gaelic would refer to Scotland ...
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Why are western-owned social media sites allowed and utilized in Burma?

Hatebook: Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar and A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military report that western-owned social media sites such as Twitter ...
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Why doesn't India give shelter to Rohingyas?

Bangladesh and India both have borders with Myanmaar. India has way bigger landmass, financial resource, and manpower. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. https://www....
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What UN policies could help end the Rohingya crisis? [closed]

We all are aware of the condition of Rohingya, a Muslim minority, in Myanmar. No country is giving them shelter, though some are living in Bangladesh and India. Still, they have to find a permanent ...
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Why Aung San Suu Kyi is silent on brutality on Muslim minority in Burma? [closed]

Sung San Suu Kyi is a state counsellor of Myanmar. There are severe violation of human rights in Myanmar. Why Aung San Suu Kyi is not taking any steps to save Muslims there?
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